EFI has launched a new option for EFI Fiery XF and EFI Colorproof XF. The XFlow option is a powerful prepress and production workflow tool to process digital documents easily, automatically and accurately on large to superwide format devices.

"The XFlow option for XF eliminates the headaches and security issues associated with digital document preparation," said Stefan Spiegel, general manager, EFI Graphic Arts Solutions. "XFlow automates pre-flight to reduce make-ready work to a minimum and frees up time to focus on more value-add tasks. In addition, the advanced color management tools give accurate color control automatically. Printing professionals using digital inkjet, large format and superwide printing will use the new workflow option to optimize document make-ready, increase efficiency and manage color accuracy."

"In the printing industry, prepress and production errors slow down an operation, result in customer frustration and impact the bottom line," said Alex Kattner, product manager, EFI Graphic Arts Solutions. "The new XFlow option for XF is unmatched for the impact it has on prepress workflows. It enables print professionals to deliver accurately printed documents regardless of file formats, print data quality or print size, resulting in effortless job processing while saving precious time and money on every print."

The XFlow option adds to Fiery XF and Colorproof XF as a powerful workflow. It automates pre-flight by checking images, graphics and fonts for correct embedding - errors are reported and rectified automatically with the Correct module. For precise colour management on even the most complex of documents, ColorWise gives print professionals control over specific and independent treatment of images including text and vector graphics in different colour spaces.

EFI's XFlow option for XF integrates seamlessly with other award-winning EFI products such as Fiery driven printing devices, and a variety of printers driven with the XF-RIP. For printing flexibility, XF's XFlow UniDriver enables print professionals to print directly into the workflow from Macintosh OS X and Windows-based applications and adjust workflow settings to suit a specific print job. Within the network, a browser-based RemoteJobTracker gives an overview to check job status, submission and job approval, while Hot Folders increases productivity and efficiency.

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