The Outdoor Media Association (OMA) has announced that four new Members have recently joined including Outdoor Media Owners: Big Rig Media, Gipps Outdoor, and OA Collective, along with Outdoor Media Supplier, Just Digital Signage, signalling growth and continued commitment to further unifying the Out of Home media industry. 

"The Out of Home industry continues to flourish, grow, and innovate, and we are excited to welcome four new Members; Big Rig Media, Gipps Outdoor, OA Collective, and Just Digital Signage, to the Outdoor Media Association," said Elizabeth McIntyre, CEO of the OMA. "The addition of these new members strengthens our commitment to driving the industry forward. Their diverse perspectives and expertise will undoubtedly contribute to our collective success, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and creative excellence in Out of Home media."

Elizabeth McIntyre added, "OMA Members gain a variety of benefits, such as access to research and insights, participation in collaborative industry campaigns, advocacy and representation to all levels of government, audience measurement tools, industry training, and networking opportunities. It's not widely known, but Australia is a global leader in out-of-home (OOH) programmatic advertising, sustainability, and is setting the standard for innovation in audience measurement."

Below is a summary of the four new Members (Information provided directly by the new OMA Members):


Big Rig Media specialises in mobile billboard advertising, utilising large B Double trucks to display advertisements. These moving billboards travel across Australia's busiest roads, providing extensive exposure. Each truck offers 120 square meters of advertising space, which is equivalent to multiple traditional billboards. This form of advertising is cost-effective, and the trucks cover an average of 30,000 kilometres per month, reaching both metro and regional audiences making it a highly impactful advertising format.


Gipps Outdoor offers Brisbane's only dual digital billboards, strategically located at a major junction capturing massive audiences from the Story Bridge and Ann Street. These iconic coupled sites feature one of the largest digital large format screens in inner metro Brisbane, ensuring unmatched brand exposure. As Brisbane gears up for the 2032 Olympics and continues to see increasing growth, "The Twins" from Gipps Outdoor enable brands to anchor their message at this prime location with unmatched creative scope. These digital assets are essential for impactful OOH strategies that significantly reaches a vast amount of Brisbane's population, leveraging the city's growth and bustling activity.



Outdoor Advertising Collective (OA Collective) is the premier consortium of premium independent Australian out-of-home media owners, established in 2023. By consolidating these prestigious independent entities, OA Collective offers a unified sales and trading platform, making it easier for advertisers to access diverse outdoor advertising assets through a single contract. Focused on supporting local Australian-owned media businesses, the team provides an alternative to large corporations, ensuring more advertising revenue stays on Australian shores. With experienced media professionals nationwide, OA Collective delivers strategic, seamless, and innovative solutions in the outdoor advertising industry.



Just Digital Signage who joins the OMA as an OOH Media Supplier, is a leading innovator and trusted partner in the digital display industry, offering innovative signage solutions that transform the way businesses communicate and engage with their audiences. Specialising in large format indoor and outdoor LED, interactive and promotional digital displays along with dynamic content management systems and hardware, their technology and customisable solutions ensure that clients can deliver targeted, impactful messages with stunning visual clarity. Just Digital Signage caters to a wide range of industries including retail, hospitality, education and corporate in addition to servicing a number of OMA's Members in the DOOH sector.

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