Vinyl Wrapz transforms a 1974 VW Beetle into an iconic Herbie lookalike using ORAFOL's high-quality car wrapping films. Discover the challenges and impressive results of this masterclass in vehicle wrapping.

 Vinyl Wrapz promise their customers premium quality car wrapping and branding, and take great pride in the details of a job well done. 

For over 10 years, they have specialised in high end, commercial colour change and paint protection film wrapping for projects of all shapes and sizes, and they never shy away from a challenge.



A Winning Partnership

For the past two years, ORAFOL have had the privilege of playing a key role in helping the team at Vinyl Wrapz to blow their customers’ expectations out of the water. 

They have worked extensively with a wide range of our products and films, and over that time we have enjoyed developing a strong partnership with the team.

The Vinyl Wrapz crew never quite know what’s going to get thrown at them, so they often have to navigate complex and unpredictable project challenges. 

That’s why it is essential for them to have a reliable partner in ORAFOL: high quality products they can trust, and a collaborative and supportive relationship with a team that wholeheartedly shares their commitment to excellence.

Miles Cirkovic, the owner of Vinyl Wrapz, emphasises how vital this ongoing partnership is from their end, saying, “It’s super important for us to have the ORAFOL team backing us – wherever, whatever.”



A Fully Loaded Mission

When a customer recently approached Vinyl Wrapz with an old 1974 VW Beetle and wanted to convert it into a Herbie lookalike – racing number, stripes and all – the team knew they had a mission on their hands.

The customer clearly had a very vivid picture of what he wanted the car to look like, so the crew wanted to live up to that, right down to the details.

This meant accurate colour matching, prominent number stickers on the front and sides, and an authentic approach from start to finish.



Stretched to the Limits

The Beetle is known and loved for its distinctive shaping, but for the car wrappers at Vinyl Wrapz these compound curves made for a potential headache!

Wrapping a car like this requires a lot of stretching and manipulation, which really tested the film to its limits.

Miles explains that you often get a lot of discolouration when you overstretch a film, but with ORAFOL this wasn’t a problem – even with the complexity of the wrap.

Maintaining this authentic colour matching was particularly important for achieving the true Herbie effect as it’s such an iconic look.


Vinyl Wrapz also loved that the film is polyurethane, so it’s a fully biodegradable and green alternative to traditional vinyl wrapping films.

Both the Vinyl Wrapz team and the VW’s proud owner were very impressed with the transformation – the resemblance to the world famous VW is uncanny.

As Miles puts it, “It looks painted!”

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