Avery Dennison will launch a new digital print film at Visual Impact in Brisbane. The SP 1504 Easy Apply RS is designed for environmentally conscious vehicle wrapping and corporate branding.


The company will offer live product demonstrations, installation tips, and a firsthand look at the film in action at the show, which runs from 17 to 19 July 2024, at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre

The film will be available in A/NZ from 22 July 2024 onwards.

“Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Avery Dennison. Our commitment extends beyond our operations, impacting the broader community and environment. The SP 1504 Easy Apply RS exemplifies this dedication, offering a revolutionary, eco-friendly solution for these applications. This product underscores our commitment to setting industry standards and delivering innovative, sustainable solutions that meet customer needs,” says Jordan Leach, Business Director, ANZ & ASEAN, Graphics Solutions at Avery Dennison.

This new solution delivers a 53% reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions compared to its PVC-based counterparts. It is also free from chlorine, phthalates, and other halogens, reducing emissions of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The film features Avery Dennison’s proprietary Easy Apply Adhesive, utilising Air Egress technology to remove air bubbles easily during application for a hassle-free installation. The SP 1504 Easy Apply RS also offers exceptional printability, producing vibrant images and enabling installers to deliver outstanding results.

“In our pursuit of sustainability and performance, the SP 1504 Easy Apply RS™ matches premium PVC-based equivalents in printing and application. Paired with our Sustainable Laminate DOL 6460, it delivers unparalleled aesthetics and functionality,” says Matthew Francis, Senior Product Manager, Graphics Solutions, Avery Dennison. He adds, “This film also works seamlessly with our PVC Cast laminates, ensuring easy integration into existing workflows for a smooth transition to sustainability.”

The SP 1504 Easy Apply RS comes with the Integrated Components Systems (ICS) Warranty, ensuring it meets the same rigorous standards as incumbent products. The company notes that the innovative film matches the print quality and durability of leading PVC-based products without any price increase, making it an appealing option for sustainability-focused brands.

For more detailed information about the SP 1504 Easy Apply RS, visit avydn.co/sp1504.

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