Packsize and EFI have announced their collaboration on the world’s first on-demand box system that integrates full-color printing on boxes using a single automated solution.



The X5 Nozomi system combines Packsize’s X5® fully-automated, Right-sized Packaging on Demand® system, part of the Packsize X Series, with EFI’s industry- leading Nozomi single-pass digital inkjet printer line for corrugated.

“The partnership with EFI and the innovation of the X5 Nozomi is a testament to our team’s commitment to reimagining what is possible and empowering brands to truly customize their customers’ unboxing experience,” said David Lockwood, CEO of Packsize. “No other machine can go from blank corrugated to printed, right-sized, on- demand erected boxes in one solution – and in as little as six seconds per box.”

Taking the manufacturing process from seven complex steps down to one, the X5 Nozomi is automating and simplifying box production. The opportunities enabled by this solution include:

  • Moving from plain monochrome boxes to full-color impactful digital printed images
  • Reducing labor and enabling automation through ready-to-pack erected boxes
  • Integrate shipping labels, hazmat labels, and other custom labels within the print design
  • Cost effective, sustainable production

“The corrugated box is becoming a more engaging experience. At the same time, unboxing videos are having a rising impact on brands even as digital ad influence declines due to oversaturation and ad-blocking,” noted Frank Pennisi CEO, EFI. “All this has resulted in boxes as billboards, enabling positive brand experiences for consumers. Essentially, packaging sells a product, which is why EFI partnered with Packsize – to empower brands in elevating their packaging quickly, simply, and cost-effectively with the X5 Nozomi.”

The X5 Nozomi addresses increasing consumer and government demand for sustainable packaging. The solution reduces packaging waste caused by oversized boxes, negates void filler like plastic air pillows, reduces shipping emissions, and improves the end-consumer's overall experience. By right-sizing boxes, companies can minimize their costs and environmental impact associated with extraneous and unneeded corrugated while improving parcel logistics, fitting 66% more boxes on freight and delivery carriers. Leveraging the power of EFI Nozomi digital printing, global warming potential (GWP) is reduced by approximately 50% compared to analog printing technologies with the elimination of printing plates, ink waste, and overproduction.

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