Fujifilm partnered with IST METZ to launch SMARTcure at drupa 2024. IST METZ is a leading supplier of UV curing solutions for graphic arts and the official supplier of LuXtreme – Fujifilm’s latest UV LED curing system, launched at Labelexpo last year. The collaborative innovation, SMARTcure, is a groundbreaking digital curing assistant based on artificial intelligence.


SMARTcure represents a significant leap forward in curing technology, prioritising optimum curing over maximum curing. The software offers a comprehensive comparative calculation of how much energy within a curing device is needed to cure ink with precision, resulting in significant energy, time and cost savings for customers. The solution is a unique development in the market and demonstrates both Fujifilm and IST’s expertise with innovative curing technologies.


Key features and benefits of SMARTcure:

  • Energy efficiency: SMARTcure reduces energy consumption by lowering the output of the curing system, implementing format-dependent switching, optimising cooling capacity, and reducing nitrogen usage in inertised systems.
  • Extended LED service life: By minimising the current and operating temperature, SMARTcure extends the lifespan of LED systems.
  • IoT integration: The system facilitates a seamless exchange of operational data between the curing system and the internet, enhancing maintenance capabilities and providing valuable insights for modern, eco-friendly work processes.
  • Precision and customisation: Users can enter substrate, ink, or varnish information manually or automatically via an interface. This data is processed in the cloud, enabling precise determination of curing power, production speed predictions, required LED zones, energy savings and LED service life.
  • Continuous improvement: With a feedback mechanism for evaluating curing quality and other measuring systems, SMARTcure continuously learns and optimises the drying process, ensuring customer-friendly and efficient operations.

“We are delighted to partner with IST METZ to bring SMARTcure to market, said Manuel Schrutt, Director Business Strategy Packaging, Fujifilm Global. This innovative technology aligns with Fujifilm’s commitment to sustainability and efficiency, and we believe it will significantly benefit our customers by optimising curing processes and reducing operational costs.” 

“SMARTcure is a testament to our dedication to innovation and sustainability, said Arnd Riekenbrauck, Head of Sales Web/Converting, IST. Our collaboration with Fujifilm has enabled us to develop a solution that not only enhances curing performance but also reduces energy consumption and extends the life of LED systems.”

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