GJS has announced two new strategic distribution partnership deals designed to further expand its reach and broaden its offering in the screen printing equipment space. Advanced computer-to-screen (CTS), exposure units, manual screen printing presses, flash and conveyor dryers and digital accessories are available from now.

GJS exile technologies and bbc products available now401

GJS logoThe first distribution deal is with EXILE Technologies, a leading manufacturer of imaging solutions, specialising in applications such computer-to-screen (CTS) printers and exposure units. The second distribution deal is with Black Body Corporation (BBC) Industries, an industry leader in heating technology, heating components, drying equipment and systems.

According to Greg Stone, managing director of GJS: “GJS has a long and proud history in the screen printing space spanning more than 45 years. The availability of both EXILE Technologies and BBC Industries products via GJS means that we can now provide an even broader product offering to the local Australian market, meeting the needs of customers who are asking for this type of equipment and associated peripherals.

EXILE Technologies offers multiple direct-to-screen printer solutions to assist in driving productivity in screen production areas. Many high-production Australian Screen print shops are adding computer-to-screen (CTS) imaging system to their pre-press workflow. CTS imaging eliminates film, reduces labour and overhead costs, and produces screens in a fraction of the time it takes to accomplish the same effort traditionally. A direct-to-screen printer can also provide an immediate quality improvement if it replaces an inkjet or toner-based film workflow.

BBC Industries offers multiples solutions catering to the screen and direct-to-garment (DTG) printing industries. Its patented emitter technology converts almost all of the energy produced into clean, even heat across the entire face of the element, with durability surpassing anything comparable in the industry. As a result, BBC’s highly efficient heating products, including infrared heaters, flash curers, and conveyor dryers deliver excellent emissivity with many of its trademarked components the cornerstone of other industry dryer technology. GJS GregStoneGreg Stone - GJS

“Both Exile Technologies and BBC have been in the industry for over thirty and forty years respectively, so there are many similarities between them and the GJS brand” Stone adds. “Each’s of our new partners’ proven track records is matched by their passion for innovation, their partnership approach to helping customers achieve success and integrated offerings that complement our existing product portfolio.

He adds: “As I mentioned when we announced our partnership with ROQ last year, we are continually being asked by customers and prospects for high-production, end-to-end systems, and integrated workflow solutions. The appetite for these products will be demonstrated when we make several new ROQ customer installation announcements later in 2024.

“These two new distribution deals with EXILE Technologies and BBC Industries means GJS will be able to solve the pain points of more Australian print customers, provide them access to cutting-edge, high-production, computer-to-screen (CTS), digital and analogue drying devices, all backed by GJS’ renowned service and support."

EXILE Technologies and BBC Industries products are available now in Australia via GJS.



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