Visual Connections has finalised its Board for 2024, with the new-look leadership group gathering this week to formulate the supplier association’s strategy for the next five years. Board Members attended the strategy session retreat, which was convened to set the direction for the supplier association into the medium-term future, guided by its mandate to support a sustainable future for the sector.

 Board2024 Mitch Mulligan Andrea Trumble Luke Wooldridge Sarah Moore Mark Canavan Peter Harper Russell Cavenagh John Wall and Ian Martin. Alex McClelland absentNew board and executive (LtoR) Mitch Mulligan, Andrea Trumble, Luke Wooldridge, Sara Moore, Mark Canavam, Peter Harper, Russell Cavenagh, John Wall, Ian Martin

Logo VIsual Connections LR SmallLong-term Board Members Russell Cavenagh, Managing Director of Mutoh Australia and Ian Martin, General Manager – Trade for Ferag, Luke Wooldridge (who rejoins the leadership group following his appointment as National Product Manager for HVG Graphics Media), and recent appointee Mark Canavan, Marketing & Vendor Relations Manager at Graphic Art Mart, and newly appointed Alex McClelland, Managing Director at ORAFOL Australia will be led by President Mitch Mulligan, VP Andrea Trumble and Treasurer John Wall. AMC4 sqOrafol's Alex McClelland (not present in group photo)

“We are very fortunate to attract such high calibre people to our Board, and this group is certainly no exception," says Mulligan, paying special tribute to the steady hand and wise guidance of his predecessor, John Wall, who led the Board until the end of 2023.

“I would like to thank John in particular for his leadership over his term as President, and look forward to continuing to work with him as he serves as Treasurer, and welcome Andrea to the executive, where I know she will deliver some important new insights and fresh ideas.

“As a representative organisation, it is absolutely vital to ensure we accurately understand the views and needs of our rapidly evolving sector, and continue reflect the priorities of our members.

“To deliver, it is important to have consistency and stability, as well as new perspectives and insights. The balance in this group is excellent, with a number of valued, long-term board members as well as a group of talented and enthusiastic more recent appointees,” he says.

2023 was an exciting year for Visual Connections, with achievements including the Visual Impact show held in Sydney, and an expanded 2024 careers program – Sign & Print Career Connections – announced in October. 

While the careers initiative is locked in, as is the Visual Impact Expo to be held this July in Brisbane, Mulligan says there are also a number of other exciting initiatives on the agenda following the strategy retreat.

“The Board, together with the leadership of the Visual Connections operational team, have had some very interesting and positive discussions over the past couple of days, and we are keen to get started,” he says.

“As always, we will be taking a collaborative approach and look forward to working with our colleagues and fellow industry associations to continue to deliver the exhibitions, events, education and other initiatives which play such an important role in supporting a sustainable future for our industry.”

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