Printing United, owner of Idealliance, has introduced G7+, with advanced calibration and verification algorithms for new technologies, preserving the familiar features and overall colour appearance as legacy G7, represented in Australia and New Zealand by David Crowther's Colour Graphic Services.

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PRINTING United Alliance, the US-based member-based printing and graphic arts association, and Idealliance have announced the release of G7+, the next evolution in colour calibration. G7+ is a new and improved calibration specification that replaces legacy G7 with new logic and algorithms, but similar overall appearance.

New and Improved G7+ Calibration Specification

G7plus logo rgb TMAfter a 19-year run and over three years of R&D by Printing United Alliance, G7+ is designed to work equally well with all printing technologies and offers increased value and effectiveness for a wider range of markets and applications, while preserving the value of existing G7 workflows. G7+ maintains the features, benefits, and general appearance of G7, but with more accurate grey balance, improved tonality, and better performance in unusual printing conditions.

Jordan Gorski, executive director, Idealliance, says: “Printing United Alliance is excited to announce G7+ to continue our mission in supporting leading printers and print buyers around the world. G7 has raised the bar in the world of print and colour output as colorimetry and visual output became the norm rather than simply relying on density for matching colour. G7+ now integrates all modern print technology to be a standard that is applicable to all print, on all media, paper, board, film, signage, or textile, for any output condition that will truly provide print buyers and printers the ability to match colour on packaging, publications, signage, and wide format graphics, while maintaining alignment to the standards in place among existing workflows."

Gorski continues: “Much like the Alliance has grown and evolved to provide the industry with a community to gather and collaborate, the G7+ specification now serves all members of our industry for unified optimal colour output regardless of where and how you print.”

Local Idealliance affilliate partner David Crowther says:

“ Idealliance and Printing United have worked hard in the background to further enhance and improve G7 with the release of G7+.David Crowther HSDavid Crowther
As the types and methods of print are changing, the need for accuracy in print calibration and consistency of colour is now more important than ever. G7+ now provides improvement in pictorial appearance on low-contrast media such as textiles, thin papers, absorbent board, etc., with slightly lighter and more natural contrast, especially in flesh tones.
A completely new tonality algorithm maintains legacy G7 tonality at conventional and packaging printout (e.g. GRACoL 2013) ink levels, which means there is virtually no visible difference between G7 and G7+ on typical commercial print production and proofing systems. G7+ verification and QC aims and tolerances, like those required for G7 Master printers are enhanced beyond those of G7.


G7+ improvements:

  • Improve grey balance and tonality across a wider range of print systems, including textile, web-offset, newsprint, and inkjet, while maintaining GRACoL® visual similarity.
  • Achieve smooth, highly saturated colour in high-density inkjet printing.
  • Use Substrate Colorimetric Colour Aims (SCCA) for more precise neutral grey on colour substrates.
  • Attain accurate ICC profiles and lifelike images on calibrated systems without colour management.

G7+ training and certification will be available in-person during the Colour Conference portion of the Printing United Technical Event Series from March 12th-14th in Dallas, Texas; and soon on the Alliance’s iLearning+ platform.

Those interested in learning more about G7+ in person will have the opportunity during the Printing United Technical Event Series this March in Dallas. During the event’s keynote address, “G7+, the World’s Best Calibration System, Made Better,” R&D team leader Don Hutcheson will highlight the revolutionary changes in calibration and verification algorithms developed by the Alliance.

Visual examples will show how G7+ improves on G7, yet how similar it is to G7 in typical commercial work – an important feature that means existing files and workflows need not be changed as users transition to G7+. Current G7-certified experts and professionals can become the first group trained and certified to G7+ during a special a pre-conference session at the PRINTING United Technical Event Series. Hutcheson will present the intensive the G7+ Expert certification training. Register for the session at:

More information about G7+ is available at:, or email David Crowther at:



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