Epson has stated its Group AI Ethical Principles. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is expected to permeate society and have a significant impact on people's behaviour and decision-making in the future. Here is Epson's position on AI.

Artificial intelligence

EPSONIn promoting the research, development, operation, and utilisation of AI, the Epson Group (Epson) has established and will observe the following guidelines to realise a human-centered society where humans and AI coexist in harmony.

1. Coexistence of humans and AI
Epson will promote the resolution of social issues through AI based on human awareness of the advantages and disadvantages of AI and will utilise AI as a technology to support and extend the scope of human action, while giving consideration to social diversity and basic human rights.
2. Creating new AI value through co-creation
Epson will engage in dialogue and co-creation with stakeholders involved in the research, development, operation, and utilisation of AI and build relationships of mutual trust to unlock the potential of AI and accelerate innovation.
3. Fair, trustworthy and accountable AI
Toward fair and trustworthy use of AI, Epson will strive to ensure that AI does not cause unfair discrimination and to present the basis for AI decisions in a manner that is understandable to humans. Epson will minimise stakeholders' concerns about the use of AI and ensure that Epson's AI-based products and services continue to be provided in a stable manner to society.
4. Safe and Secure Data Distribution
Epson takes privacy and security into consideration when providing AI-based products and services to stakeholders. Epson is also committed to creating systems for the appropriate acquisition, use, and provision of personal information, ensuring data traceability, and preventing unauthorised access to personal information to ensure safety and security.
5. Contribution to the spread of responsible AI
Epson will contribute to the responsible spread of AI by improving AI literacy among employees and designing services that take diversity into consideration.

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