Jet Technologies has announced a new partnership with X-Rite, a global leader in colour management and measurement solutions. This new strategic collaboration expands on Jet Technologies’ offerings of innovative solutions to its print and packaging industry customers.

Xrite exact 2 plus 05 newThe X-Rite Exact hand-held spectrophotometer, now available through Jet Technologies

Jet logo  Following many years of experience with X-Rite colour measuring instruments and software, Jet Technologies has now been appointed as an official X-Rite reseller. While the primary focus has been on the label segment of Jet’s business, the evolving landscape of the print industry and colour management means X-Rite’s solutions are now more comprehensive and relevant to customers across print and packaging.

Jet Technologies now offers the complete suite of X-Rite products, including eXact Family products, PantoneLIVE, and ColorCert, making colour management solutions accessible to flexo, offset, and screen printing businesses in Australia and New Zealand. Technical support and assistance in optimising  colour management tools will also be offered by Jet Technologies. JetTech XRiteX-Rite's David Stead (L) with Jet's David Reece

Jack Malki, Director at Jet Technologies says: “Jet Technologies is excited about this new partnership and the opportunities it brings to the Australian and New Zealand printing and packaging industries. By combining our expertise with X-Rite's cutting-edge solutions, we are poised to revolutionise colour management, offering our customers a brighter and more efficient colour future.

“The partnership brings numerous benefits to Jet’s customers - they gain, from a single supplier, a new level of access to comprehensive colour management solutions, alongside our ongoing product lines such as inks and films. Furthering our one-stop-shop credentials is the fact that we also provide technical support and guidance, ensuring our customers can maximise the potential of their investments.”

With tools like PantoneLIVE, X-Rite engages with designers, brand owners and printing companies to establish digital colour standards. These standards then flow seamlessly through prepress and production, resulting in a final product that meets the brand owner's specifications.

Xrite i1Pro3 InUse i1iO 01X-Rite chart reading configuration for making ICC profilesX-Rite’s colour management solutions offer substantial benefits to businesses. The company claims that they streamline processes, reduce costs, and drastically cut time to market. For instance, global brands using X-Rite colour workflow solutions have achieved rapid speed to market, reducing the time it takes to launch a product from concept to production from six months to just four days.

One of the most significant cost savings comes from eliminating the need for on-site press approvals. By using digital colour management solutions, printing companies can guarantee colour matching without the need for print proofs and on-site approvals, saving brands money on travel expenses and reducing carbon footprints.

David Stead, Business Development Manager Oceania for X-Rite says: “Print customers are colour conscious and getting colour right the first time is an essential requirement for print providers. Today’s colour measurement solutions are more user-friendly and connected, making it easier than ever to produce accurate colour each and every time."

He continues: “Streamlined colour workflows and intuitive user interfaces enable less experienced workers to measure and verify colour from run to run and across a diverse set of materials. This helps reduce risk and costly errors. Printers can feel confident they are producing high quality results efficiently and cost-effectively.”

X-Rite offers end-to-end solutions from the design stage to final print. This includes colour standards, software, and instrumentation to streamline workflows. Looking ahead, X-Rite is working toward full automation in colour management. Many sites use handheld devices, but the next step is to automate and close the loop in colour management, optimising investments further. This can significantly reduce make-ready times, paper waste, ink usage, and energy consumption, all of which contribute to a more sustainable and efficient printing process.

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