Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions has introduced its 2023 Celestial Satins colour collection, featuring three exciting new colour additions to the company’s Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow series, to the Australian and New Zealand market.

avery dennison supreme wrapping film CelestialA Cosmic display of stellar brilliance from Avery Dennison 'Celestial Satins'

Avery Dennison logoThe three new colours, Satin Solar Dawn, Satin Moonstone and Satin Frozen Ocean, reveal a celestial light effect in these satin-finished films as a beautiful shifting spectrum of fluid colour.

These iridescent shades transform a vehicle into a work of art as light moves around its contours with a mesmerising effect.

“The Celestial Satin range is an exceptional addition to our Supreme Wrapping Film colour change portfolio,” said Chris Sherry, Product Manager of Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Australia and New Zealand. “These new captivating ColorFlow films are poised to inspire wrap designers to craft impactful visual effects that leave a lasting impression.”

The Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film portfolio, renowned in the wrap installation community for its premium vehicle wraps, offers excellent conformability, durability, and performance. It has the innovative Easy Apply RS technology, which allows for rapid installation and easy repositioning, elimination of wrinkles or bubbles for a smooth finish, and damage-free wrap removal.

The three new Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Celestial Satin colours are available for purchase via all Avery Dennison authorised distributors in Australia and New Zealand.

Avery Dennison Supreme Wrapping Film ColorFlow Moonstone AD Public scaledAvery Dennison Celestial Supreme Wrapping Film 'Moonstone'

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