Two new teams have been established under Lydia Swan, Marketing Manager and David Campbell, Engineering Plastics to drive these initiatives.

“We are not moving away from our core markets”, said Mouw, “in fact we are strengthening our approach. Customers have been telling us for a long time that they don’t need our help to buy commodities. What they want is a business partner who can help them develop new markets, show them new products, and add value through services and by delivering solutions”.

The move into value-adding has been successful for Mulford Plastics, and many customers have already utilised the new laser cutting service established in Melbourne in April. “We expect to do much more of this in the future”, said David Campbell. “We are going to add new services, and we are also going to capture new business for our customers who already have great value-adding facilities. It will strengthen our partnerships with customers”.

The new teams are already taking shape and appointments have been made to the new Business Development and Mulford Engineering Plastics teams in Queensland, NSW and WA. By early 2009 the new teams will have a full representation across all states. “Depth of experience is our key criteria in making these new appointments”, according to Lydia Swan. “We are in markets where plastic materials have massive benefits in replacing traditional materials and our goal is to take our understanding of plastics, and our understanding of applications, to offer new solutions. It is a very exciting place to operate”.

“Customers demand and appreciate excellence in customer service and our Mulford Plastics’ state managers and customer service teams are the key to delivering on this part of our promise”, continued Mouw. “We don’t underestimate the importance of today’s business in today’s business environment, but we are committed to a better future for our business and our customers, hence the need to change and evolve”

Mulford Plastics Pty Ltd

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