MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD has announced the launch of Mutoh Direct, a new cloud service for Mutoh dealers allowing remote monitoring of end-users’ printer status and printer usage for more effective service and maintenance.

Mutoh Direct Cloud GraphicMutoh Direct Cloud is an extension of Mutoh Club and provides essential information to registered users

Mutoh Logo 350pxThe new Mutoh Direct is an enhanced service of Mutoh Club for its dealers. This new service allows dealers to remotely access and monitor end-user's printer information, enabling them to proactively predict and address potential causes of printer failures and take prompt action. Consequently, dealers can reduce the number of visits to end-users and minimize printer downtime, enhancing overall service effectiveness. In addition, by monitoring the printer status, it is possible to advise end-users on optimal printer operation.

Mutoh Club is a cloud service that connects Mutoh and its printer users. Through Mutoh Club, users can access their printer operational status, statistical data, and product authorization management, obtain product information, and various software and tools.

Statistical Data Available through Mutoh Club includes:

Error information: List of the errors which occurred and their possible causes. Dealers can efficiently coordinate parts required or plan how to respond to the problem in advance, contributing to a reduction of on-site visits to their end-users and mitigating printer downtime.

Ink consumption: The ink amount and the number of ink shots. (Latest or specific period) This information enables optimal inventory management of consumables and spare parts.

Print information by print mode: The printed area and the number of printed jobs. (Latest or specific period)

Dealers can monitor the printer's operating status and advise optimal printer operation to end-users. Mutoh Direct has been designed to comply with the Personal Data Protection Act (GDPR).

Mutoh continues to deliver optimal printing solutions through the enhancement of software services such as Mutoh Club and Mutoh Direct.

Mutoh Direct is available in North America, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, sequentially expanding to other regions.

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