As a global leader in pressure sensitive adhesive films, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions, is partnering with Siser, a leader in the world of personalisation and customisation through premium heat-transfer products,. This move is to empower crafters across Australia and New Zealand with cutting-edge pressure-sensitive film products designed to expand crafting possibilities.

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Jordan Leach, Business Director, Graphics Solutions, Australia and New Zealand and ASEAN for Avery Dennison says: “The partnership between Avery Dennison and Siser is an exciting collaboration. The combination of Siser’s consumer-focused expertise and our leadership in innovation and material science has created a new set of best-in-class products for the vibrant crafting community. We are proud to see Siser introduce these innovative, high-quality and industry-leading products to creative professionals and crafters across ANZ for the first time.”

This partnership is Avery Dennison's inaugural foray into the crafting industry. The Australia and New Zealand region is the first in Asia Pacific to offer the new Siser by Avery Dennison brand, which leverages Avery Dennison’s technology leadership in pressure sensitive vinyl (PSV) and Siser's expertise in consumer crafting and heat-transfer vinyl. Crafters can harness its potential to create unique gifts and execute DIY projects suitable for indoor and outdoor environments.

Product lines under the Siser by Avery Dennison brand include the remarkable EasyPSV Starling range and the dazzling EasyPSV Glitter collection. Crafted with precision, the EasyPSV Starling range features 57 solid colours in both gloss and matte finishes, while the EasyPSV Glitter range boasts 17 stunning glitter colours. These offerings give crafters and creative professionals an expansive pallet to manifest their artistic visions.

Some of the features that set EasyPSV apart are its ease of use, versatility and durability. The range offers industry-leading ease of weeding and precise conversion on plotters. It will adhere strongly to a wide range of materials, as well as being dishwasher safe for up to an estimated 80 washes. This sets an industry standard for resilience, even in the face of frequent use.

Crafting professionals can learn where to procure Siser by Avery Dennison crafting solutions by visiting:

For more product information please visit THIS LINK



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