If you you would like see end-to-end solutions for Sign and Display, catch up on the very latest technical insights from market leaders in large-format and chat to a team of experts about your specific business requirements; then book an appointment for Currie Group's Sydney demonstrations and learning exchange.

EFI pro30h 680x300The EFI pro30h - one of the machines to be demonstrated at the Sydney Currie Group event

CURRIE LOGO 002For Sydneysiders, the event will be the first opportunity to see Currie Group’s sign and display solutions in person, and it will also be the first outing of the company’s newly-expanded range of large-format print solutions since it announced its new channel partnership with Canon Production Printing Australia on the market-leading Arizona and Colorado printer ranges.

Paul Whitehead, Business Unit Manager – Sign & Display for Currie Group, is clearly delighted to finally have the opportunity to showcase the company’s sign & display range in the Harbour city, saying it’s well overdue.

“We actually launched the EFI partnership in Melbourne two years ago, and included that range on our stand at PacPrint Melbourne in 2022, but with supply chain issues over the past few years it has been challenging to secure machines for a showroom display in Sydney,” Whitehead explains.

“Those printers which could be landed in Australia were inevitably already earmarked for print businesses who were keen to have them installed. The customer comes first…but it meant our showroom missed out.”

Now that things are settling down on the shipping front, Whitehead says it’s exciting to be able to commit to having both an EFI and one of the latest Canon Colorado M-Series printers in the Sydney showroom for at least six months.

“We’re very excited to be able to bring these products to Sydney and NSW…and we are going to make the most of it, kicking off with this customer event,” he says.

3 day extravaganza, by appointment only

The three-day Sign & Display…By Appointment event will run from Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th November inclusive and will, as its name suggests, provide print businesses with the opportunity to make personal appointments to hear about the latest developments across the ranges and see both print engines live in action. There will also be the opportunity to discuss their business’ unique requirements with the Currie Group team, not only in the sign & display space but also across commercial print, labels and packaging. canon col 1650Canon's Colorado UVgel technology will also be featured

Whitehead, together with Ashley Playford-Browne who recently joined the Currie Group team in Sydney, will lead with presentations on the company’s entire sign & display portfolio – now arguably the most extensive in the production wide-format space in the Australian market - and the projected 12-month outlook for the sector. They will be backed by the full Sydney service and support team, who will also be on hand to discuss technical and practical aspects of investment.

Whitehead adds: “Of course, as well as these presentations, the appointments will also feature live demonstrations of two flagship machines – the EFI Pro 30h hybrid flatbed/roll-fed LED printer, which was launched at PacPrint just over a year ago and is being demonstrated for the very first time in New South Wales, and a brand new, top-of-the-range Canon Colorado M-Series 1.6m roll-to-roll printer.

“We will also be carrying a full suite of samples and prints from the entire EFI and Canon ranges, so customers can not only access personalised advice on the available options, but get a tangible feel for what is best for their business … and of course, ask any questions.”

As well as showcasing the new channel partnership with Canon Production Printing Australia, the event will also demonstrate Currie Group’s wider connections, with a number of leading names participating to enable demonstrations of true, end-to-end production.

According to Whitehead: “We operate in a very tactile, applications-focused industry, so seeing these technologies in action – and being able to see, touch and feel what is possible by using various printer models – is absolutely critical to help businesses make sound investment decisions.

“Our experience is that those who are able to experience technologies in person are able to more clearly see the potential for their business and invariably integrate their new equipment very successfully, often becoming long-term customers. We are delighted to finally be able to present these outstanding solutions to businesses in Sydney and surrounds, and to be hosting our very first open house event since we announced our exciting new partnership with Canon Production Printing. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us, and for our customers, who now have access to solutions for every Sign & Display application, all in one place.”

Bookings essential

While the new kit will be on display in the Sydney showroom for some months, there’s no question that the ‘by appointment’ event is the best opportunity for those serious about Sign & Display success, to get the jump on the market.

There are four timeslots available on each of the three days, so interested parties have to move quickly to book. Industry stakeholders interested in a live demonstration and a personal audience with Sign & Display experts and the wider Currie Group team, should book as soon as possible via the dedicated booking link. Click HERE to book now.

The 4 session times to choose from each day are: 9:00am; 11:00am; 1:30pm; 3.00pm

Dates: Tuesday 14th to Thursday 16th November 2023

Location: Currie Group - Sydney Demonstration Centre

Address: Unit 14, 2 Eden Park Drive, Macquarie Park NSW

Book your session time now to experience the following available for demonstration:

Canon Colorado M-series Large Format Printer - 1.6m roll-to-roll

EFI Pro 30h Wide Format LED Printer - 3.2-meter hybrid flatbed/roll-fed



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