Outdoor advertiser TorchMedia has expanded its Canberra Light Rail Outdoor portfolio from five to nine stations with an eye on ACT rail commuters it describes as being among “the most affluent, educated and progressive.”  

Screen_Shot_2023-10-03_at_11.39.44_am.pngStunning train wraps join station outdoor ads for all-encompassing coverage

The expansion coincides with TorchMedia and Roy Morgan profiling the Canberra Light Rail audience for the first time, revealing “powerful psychographic, spending and location data,” TorchMedia said.

“The research found that 38% of the Canberra Light Rail audience are regarded as being in the ‘Leading Lifestyle’ group, the city’s most affluent commuters (highly educated, high income, progressive). A further 18% are ‘Metrotechs’ - highly educated, socially aware, hard-working and ambitious.

“The TorchMedia and Roy Morgan data also shows that more than 50,000 Canberrans travel in proximity to the Light Rail network every day, and 17% of this audience is travelling on the network three times or more each week.”

TorchMedia managing director Kirsty Dollisson: “We are thrilled to be expanding our Canberra Light Rail network as we reveal previously unknown audience insights for our advertising partners. Canberra’s Light Rail audience is among the most affluent, educated and progressive that Australia has to offer, presenting strong opportunities for advertisers to influence an audience with spending and decision-making power.”


Michele Levine, CEO of Roy Morgan said: “Roy Morgan is delighted to partner with TorchMedia in providing a solution to understand the Canberra Light Rail audience. The Canberra Light Rail is a 12-kilometre line that links the northern Gungahlin town centre to the Canberra city centre.

“The Australian Capital Territory market is a highly lucrative consumer market to advertisers. They are 80% more likely than the average Australian to be from the AB socio-economic quintile and more than twice as likely to be from the Leading Lifestyle (100) Helix Community.

Big earners drive consumerism

“People who live in ACT also have the highest average household annual income of any Australian capital city (more than $164,000 annually) and they are most likely to be the ‘Big Spenders’ in terms of discretionary expenditure.

“Only by using Roy Morgan’s unique deep consumer profiling, segmentation, analytics and people movement data were we able to reveal valuable insights for TorchMedia about the lucrative advertising audiences of the Canberra Light Rail. By appending Roy Morgan’s Helix Personas (powered by Single Source data) to anonymised mobile device data (ids) within a geo-fenced transit corridor around the Canberra Light Rail, we are able to accurately estimate the audience size and profile the audience based on the device data visiting this corridor area.”

TorchMedia and Roy Morgan geofenced the light rail line and mobile location data within viewing proximity was collected from January to July 2023. The data was geo-coded to Helix Personas based on Roy Morgan Single Source. 

TorchMedia’s Canberra Light Rail network now includes Alinga Street (CBD), Phillip Avenue, Swinden Street, Sandford Street, Gungahlin Place, Manning Clark North, Mapleton Avenue, Well Station Drive and Nullarbor Avenue stops, as well as external and internal advertising on the Light Rail vehicles.


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