Few people in history have done as much for printing as the immortal Bard William Shakespeare. 2023 represents 400 years since the printing of his entire Folio of plays, which have been re-printed hundreds of times since. In a dual celebration, the Penrith Museum of Print is hosting a night to commemorate both the Shakespeare quadricentenary and the inauguration of the magnificent  1939 Heidelberg Zylinder Automat press, relocated from the Dorrigo Gazette.

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To commemorate the 400th anniversary of the publication of Shakespeare's First Folio in 1623, the Penrith Museum of Printing is hosting an exclusive interactive tour on 26th October 2023 in honour of the book's printing. Two 19th century copies of the Folio will be on show, one lavishly illustrated with images of Shakespeare and scenes from his plays. Experience the Living History of Printing in this live and Interactive tour. Step back in time and discover how in the days of Letterpress, books and newspapers were crafted by artisans and multiple trade disciplines.Shakespeare Prospero TempestProspero, woodcut from Shakespeare's The Tempest, 1880s Folio edition, on display

Witness live demonstrations of hand and machine typesetting and see printing presses come to life. Marvel at the 1841 Columbian Press that produced the SMH in the 1800's. Watch the Wharfedale Press that printed the Nepean Times in action. View the actual press that printed Australia's last letterpress newspaper, The Don Dorrigo Gazette, on June 30th 2023. This Heidelberg Zylinder Automat was completed in 1939, put into storage for the duration of the war and came to Australia in the early 1950s.  A captivating glimpse into a preserved piece of history, restored into perfect working condition by the skilled volunteers at the Museum.

There is also a fully operational 'Common Press' donated by Richard Jermyn of Eden. It is a ca.1700 hand-lever press and is the closest to the type of press that would have been used to print Shakespeare's Folio in 1623

Visitors will have the opportunity to try their hands at creating a moveable text line of type, just like Johannes Gutenberg did in the mid-15h century did. His invention revolutionised the production of books, as did the Intertype/Linoype hot metal typesetters of the early 1900s, two of which are on display.

Registration is essential as the capacity of the Museum is limited to 70.  All trade media are also welcome - it's free!

Date of event: 26th October 2023 from 10:30am to 12:30pm
Location: Penrith Museum of Printing, grounds of the Penrith Paceway, Ransley Street Penrith, Penrith, NSW, 2750

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