Océ is introducing a new icon to underline its commitment to sustainability. The icon, which will appear on the packaging of supplies and consumables as well as on Océ's printing systems, refers to Océ's new sustainability website on which relevant environment-related information can be found.

The introduction of the icon underscores the importance Océ attaches to sustainable products and services.  

Finding practical, sustainability-related information
The new sustainability icon is more than just a symbol of Océ's commitment to 'green' products and processes. The aim is to make it easy for users to find practical information related to the use of Océ products. It refers to a new website launched by Océ: http://www.sustainability.oce.com/. Here, users can find the answers to many everyday questions relating to matters such as the use of recycled paper, emissions of the Océ printers, environmentally safe disposal of materials such as packaging and empty toner bottles, and various environmental certifications awarded to Océ supplies and systems.

Constant updating to answer specific questions
One of the reasons for Océ to launch the new sustainability site is because of the rapidly increasing interest being shown by professional users in all kinds of environment-related matters. For example these are increasingly included in tender negotiations. Related information is becoming too long and complex to place on products and/or packaging. Users increasingly have specific sustainability-related questions which require individual and detailed answers. A special sustainability website is dynamic and can constantly be updated and extended to deal with specific issues as they arise.

Strategic objectives linked to sustainability
Océ's strategic objectives are closely linked to sustainability. In translating these objectives into concrete actions with regard to sustainability, Océ focuses on the needs of its customers, as they have their greatest impact at customers' offices. Secondly, when Océ is able to combine customer satisfaction with a sustainable approach, various stakeholders benefit.

Océ sustainability policy: five focal points
Océ decided to make use of five focal points in its policy that structure the company's approach to sustainability. The company has also added one focal point that is important from an employment branding point of view.

The five focal points of Océ's sustainability policy are:
1 Minimize incorrect and unnecessary prints
2 Minimize energy consumption per print
3 Maximize reuse of materials and minimize non-reusable waste
4 Minimize emissions of ozone, dust and toner
5 Regular and detailed assessments and reporting

Océ carries out regular and detailed assessments on a range of key sustainability-related issues. It reports on its environmental performance in line with the structure laid down in the GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) Guidelines, including detailed recording and monitoring of materials used, energy and water consumption, waste and emissions, and general compliance and environmental incidents. 

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