“We aim to provide new opportunities for sign shops to expand their current vinyl cutting businesses and explore new territories like cardboard cutting and creasing,” says cutting equipment manufacturer Summa.

Screen_Shot_2023-09-06_at_6.00.58_pm.pngSumma S Class 3 vinyl cutter

Screen Shot 2023 09 06 at 6.35.38 pm“The Summa S Class 3 is a state-of-the-art device designed for professional users who demand top performance in their cutting applications and want to explore new opportunities,” says Summa - distributed in Australia by Pozitive.

“At the heart of the S Class 3 is its unique True Tangential Cutting Technology, ensuring top-notch performance. The addition of the all-new OPOS Camera with onboard image processing provides ultra-fast mark recognition and processing, making print & cut workflows smoother and more efficient. The performance head is the most advanced in the vinyl cutter series and can now automatically switch between cutting and creasing, perfect for short-run packaging jobs, and setting a new standard in the industry.”

The Summa S Class 2, “a proven performer,” has been on the market for ten years. "For the S Class 3, we kept the good and proven,” says Randi Kerkaert, product manager. “And while they may look similar under the hood at first sight, a lot has been upgraded. The latest electronics made it possible to achieve faster responsiveness, better data processing, and more precise motor control, resulting in a smoother, faster, and more reliable result.”

Christof Van Driessche, CCO at Summa, says: "The long lifetime of every Summa vinyl cutter allows sign shops to avoid the need for further investments in vinyl cutting equipment. On the other hand, having a premium cutting plotter available on the work floor remains essential and critical for many businesses. A reliable cutting plotter is much appreciated even in an industrial environment. With the introduction of the S Class 3, we aim to provide new opportunities for sign shops to expand their current vinyl cutting businesses and explore new territories, like cardboard cutting and creasing."

The S Class 3 will be available in September 2023, the company says.

For over three decades, Summa has delivered vinyl and contour cutters, finishing flatbeds and laser cutters for the printing, signage, display, apparel and packaging industries. Summa’s global headquarters is located in Gistel, Belgium, with divisions in Boston (MA), USA and Nottingham, UK.


Summa cutters are distributed by Pozitive: www.pozitive.com.au 


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