Partnering with Australian Geographic, outdoor advertiser oOh!media - owner of wide format company Cactus Imaging - has launched a national campaign to showcase “iconic Australian species at risk of extinction, shedding light on their both their beauty and struggles.”

373748294_800063115454953_734090551867760188_n.jpgSherman's Rock Wallaby

“Here's a sneak peek into some screens across our Fly and Retail networks and inspiring stories,” oOh! said:

“Sherman's Rock Wallaby [pictured above]: Captured by photographer Brad Leue, this species stands threatened, with just 800-1000 remaining in the wild.

“Green Turtle: In Byron Bay, the endangered green turtle seeks survival. Scott Portelli was able to capture their symbiotic relationship with jellyfish in the frame.

“Northern Quoll: In WA, Brad Leue introduces us to the endangered Northern Quoll, a once-widespread creature now clinging to existence in the WA.”


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