Total Image Supplies – has signed on as a reseller & distributor for Decal Self-Adhesive products. The Portugal, EU-based manufacturer is making big inroads with its Green and PVC-free products.

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PVC Decal 260X260  "The range from Decal Self-Adhesive gives Total Image Supplies a complete offering of premium European manufactured Monomeric & Polymeric Self-Adhesive Vinyls and Laminates, and more importantly a range of  PVC-Free Self-Adhesive Films that we see becoming more and more in demand," says TIS Managing Director Tyson Buechler.

The Decal range of Self-Adhesive Films are available in Permanent, Removable, High-Tack, Blockout and Bubble-Free adhesive types.

Buechler adds: "We look forward to introducing the brand and range to our customers and greater print markets over the coming months."

Decal Self-Adhesive – Total Image Supplies

Decal - Think Green (

35 years of experience

Decal has more than three decades of experience in adhesive products for visual communication, textile industry, decoration and labeling reinforced by more than 10 years of its own manufacturing north of Lisbon. The modern custom-built facilities house more than 10,000m2 of equipment with latest-generation waterbase and UV machines that ensure high and differentiated production Decal factoryDecal's ultra-modern plant at Torres Nova N. of Lisbon capacity.

Decal's Research & Development process and integrated production with quality control, complies with ISO 9001:2015 requirements, and is ensured by the latest generation software and equipment. Ecologically-sound BASF adhesives with High Tack, RSS Removable Smooth Surface, Bubble Free and GreyBack options have FDA, FSC and ISEGA safety certification for food and human contact.

Total Image Supplies has also introduced a dedicated  PVC-Free Media section on its website where customers can experience an impressive selection of environmentally friendly products.

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