Paper and packaging manufacturer Opal, which ended white paper production at its Maryvale Mill earlier this year, has sold its Envelope business and is still looking for a buyer for its Stationery business. Opal has committed to supplying "our full range of scholastic stationery throughout the Australian 2023/24 Back To School period."

 opal_mill_maryvale.pngOpal's Maryvale Mill in Victoria's Latrobe Valley

opa l23 9“Opal’s envelope and stationery operations have been severely impacted by the unplanned stoppage of wood supply from VicForests, which ended white paper production at Opal’s Maryvale Mill earlier this year,” said Opal, owned by Nippon Paper Group.

“In April 2023, Opal opened a formal Expression Of Interest (EOI) process for the potential sale of our Envelope and Stationery businesses. As a direct result of the VicForests supply situation, and following a robust commercial process, Opal has reached a decision to sell envelope machines and stock from our Australian envelope business to The Camerons Group.

“The scope of the sale takes in the business’ footprint, which covers Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Western Australia.

“While the decision to sell the envelope business has been difficult, Opal is committed to working closely with The Camerons Group to ensure a smooth transition for over this time. Opal’s manufacturing and overprinting of envelopes will conclude by October 2023.

Stationery business Opal Scholistic Ruling Guide 2023 96433 sqNext on the block? Opal Olympic stationery will either be sold or production moved offshore

“The EOI process for the potential sale of the Stationery business has not produced a buyer, and Opal will continue to manufacture stationery at our Preston site until the end of 2023. To support our customers, Opal will supply our full range of scholastic stationery throughout the Australian 2023/24 Back To School period.

“Opal has not yet reached a final decision on the long-term future of our stationery business and we expect to confirm by the first quarter of 2024 whether we will import our full product range from overseas.

“Opal will continue to provide additional support to our employees as we work through the transition”.

In July 2023, Opal applied to the EPA to downsize its Maryvale Mill in Victoria as it transitions to 100% brown packaging paper production following the closure of its white paper operations.




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