Large format printers Grand Print Services, Hogarth, GSP Print, Omnigraphics and TorchMedia were recognised in the Outdoor Media Association's (OMA) Quarter Two Creative Collection competition for 2023. A range of campaigns were submitted for consideration by JCDecaux, oOh!media, QMS, Cartology, goa, Scentre Group Brandspace, Tonic Media, TorchMedia and an agency entry from Avenue C.


Elizabeth McIntyre, CEO OMA said: “The Creative Collection was conceived to examine and celebrate OOH creative that inspires and connects with consumers, ultimately driving outcomes for advertisers. I’m consistently delighted by the submissions and this quarter we have awarded the Q2 Grand Prix to a Classic entry – DIABLO IV – which speaks volumes about the impact the static format can still deliver.

“The ‘Overwatch 2’ campaign submitted by independent agency, Avenue C, demonstrates the growing credibility of the Creative Collection not just within the OMA membership, but also with the wider advertising industry. We hope to see more agency submissions in the Q3 Creative Collection."

Claire Woods, Head of Marketing oOh!media said: “This round of the OMA’s Creative Collection showcased creative that considered design specific to its intended environment, format and dwell time. The stand outs for me were the winners of the OOH for Good and the Best use of Digital.”

“The For our Elders campaign used beautiful, simple, eye catching creative. The uncluttered composition was thoughtfully designed in harmony with the tram exterior, while the interior creative made the most of the longer dwell time and had more detailed copy, allowing passengers to read the information whilst on their journey.  All in all, a great execution."

Christina Knox, Brand Marketing Manager Archie Rose said “It was a privilege to be a judge for the Creative Collection Awards. The entries were all very impressive and it was great to see such innovative and original approaches to OOH.”

Steve Bristow, Head of Creative and Business Development Creativa said: “I was honoured to be a judge for these awards and was impressed by the amount of creative thought and energy that goes into each entry. The entries reinforced for me how powerful a medium OOH can be, especially when used cleverly."

“It’s exciting to see the continued innovation in all Out of Home formats, not just digital. Although, 3D technology is clearly taking digital creative to the next level.” said Michael Mackley, Head of Media and Partnerships Vicinity Centres. “For the Innovation in OOH category, I couldn’t look past Activision Blizzard’s DIABLO IV campaign. The creative made the most of the ‘Big Tully’ site with a very simple, impactful design. Determined to make the most of the classic format, this entry features holographic-like effects achieved with special paints and lighting combinations. This level of innovative creativity is reigniting the excitement and wow-factor that only static OOH assets can deliver.

Q2 2023 Creative Collection winners:

Big, Bold & Bright – WINNER

Campaign title: PRIDE IN YOUR ORIGIN
Advertiser: Lion (XXXX Gold)
Creative agency: JCDecaux Creative Solutions
Media agencyUM (Sydney) 
Printer: Grand Print Services


Campaign title: Flight Centre Q2 2023
Advertiser: Flight Centre
Creative agency: QUBE (QMS Creative Services Team)
Media agency: Rapid Media

Best Use of Multi-Format - WINNER

Campaign title: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
Advertiser: Paramount Pictures Australia
Creative agency: Paramount Pictures Australia (in-house)
Media agency: Wavemaker
Printer: Hogarth

Best Use of Multi-Format - Honourable Mention

Campaign title: Overwatch 2
Advertiser: Activision Blizzard
Creative agency: AB global (in-house)
Media agency: Avenue C
Printer: GSP Print

Best use of Digital Winner

Campaign title: Detox Your Feed
Advertiser: Unilever DOVE & Butterfly Foundation
Creative agency: POLY
Media agency: PHD

Innovation in Out of Home - WINNER and Q2 GRAND PRIX WINNER

Campaign title:  DIABLO IV
Advertiser: Activision Blizzard
Creative agency: QUBE (QMS Creative Services Team)
Media agency: Avenue C
Printer: Omnigraphics

Out of Home for Good - WINNER

Campaign title: NAIDOC Week 2023 “For our Elders”.
Advertiser: National Indigenous Australians Agency and NAIDOC Secretariat – NAIDOC Week
Creative agency: Bobbi Lockyer, NAIDOC  2023 poster competition winning artist, and TorchMedia
Media agency: TorchMedia
Printer: TorchMedia

Judges included:

  • Christina Knox, Brand, Marketing Manager, Archie Rose
  • Claire Woods, Head of Marketing, oOh!media
  • Elizabeth McIntyre, CEO, OMA and MOVE
  • Michael Mackley, Head of Media and Partnerships, Vicinity Centres
  • Steve Bristow, Head of Creative and Business Development, Creativa
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