Eurotech Group has introduced its latest innovation, Bannerbeast, a unique banner frame that it claims is poised to add another dimension to the range of offerings from signage businesses. Bannerbeast is for outdoor signage, combining versatility with user-friendly features and a stake-free, water based anchoring system.

BannerbeastBannerbeast uses water as the weight anchor - no stakes in the ground

Eurotech etlogo navy sloganEurotech says that Bannerbeast marks a significant advancement in outdoor banner frames, and solves several problems for print and sign trade businesses and the challenges that their clients face. It is designed to be a complementary offering, providing an avenue for signage professionals to improve their service offerings, with a solution that offers flexibility in out-of-home printed signage.

The key features of Bannerbeast are:

1. No metal stakes to drive into the ground: Bannerbeast's unique upright, water fillable end columns provide the ultimate solution for outdoor advertising without driving metal stakes into the ground. As well as solving a potential OH&S issue having to drive metal stakes into the ground; there is now no risk to underground utility pipes.

2. Maximum safety: Eurotech Group has designed Bannerbeast to maximise safety. It is a unique solution to traditional metal frames,  which often have heavy metal work and bases hindering a simple and easy process. Also, the upright heavy duty plastic columns are ergonomically shaped with no sharp corners.

3. No heavy concrete bases: Bannerbeast is designed with ease of use in mind. The intuitive assembly process ensures that businesses within the print and sign trade can offer their clients a hassle-free experience from setup to display. With no heavy bases to transport, distribution and freight costs are also drastically reduced.

4. Easy assembly: With a single 10mm hex key for assembly, a Bannerbeast can be assembled in 5 minutes, saving time and removing the need for hiring skilled installation personnel.

5. Numerous sales opportunities: From retail chain store groups to small businesses, and from service stations to outdoor events, there are endless sales opportunities for print and sign companies. Bannerbeast banner frame can be quickly adapted to new campaigns and advertisers, creating additional ongoing print work from its ability to swap over the advertised message with ease.

6. Two size choices: Bannerbeast is available in 2 metre or 3 metre print widths x 955mm print height. Both sizes weigh well under 20kg, unfilled. When the base is filled with water, it adds 50kg to the frame, thereby providing a solid anchor. Wind resistance testing is currently underway.

Michael Smith, Sales Director at Eurotech Group, says: "Bannerbeast exemplifies our commitment to making it easy for print and sign trade businesses to elevate their service offerings with innovative products. This versatile and unique banner frame enables professionals to add value to their printed materials with heightened impact and engagement, along with solving several issues for the end user."

Bannerbeast's adaptability and seamless integration in outdoor branding environments make it an invaluable sales opportunity for businesses within the print and sign trade and a problem solver for the end-user client. Eurotech Group's collaborative approach ensures that Bannerbeast will deliver unparalleled value to businesses that aim to offer a complete visual solution to their clients.

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