Orafol's new ORACAL Safety Window Films were developed to protect glass surfaces and to cover “a demand that is growing because of climate change.” The films are available in a variety of designs for indoor and outdoor use.


In the interests of expanding its range to meet the needs of customers, ORAFOL developed this product to cover a demand that is growing because of climate change, according to Dr. Daniel Berger, VP research & development at ORAFOL: “Developing high-performance films for the fields of architecture and automotive is a long-standing tradition at ORAFOL. With our new safety films, we at ORAFOL are offering our customers excellent solutions to current challenges.”

ORACAL Safety Window Films are highly transparent PET glass safety films "to protect against impact and breakage of windowpanes, glass facades and other glass surfaces – both indoors and outdoors,” said Orafol Group, a leading manufacturer of self-adhesive special and high-performance films.

“These special films from ORAFOL stabilise the glass in the event of collisions, explosions, or storms, effectively preventing damage and injuries caused by shards of glass.” 

The range for indoor use consists of three films:

ORACAL Safety 100 with a thickness of 0.1 mm and a single-layer design; ORACAL Safety 200 and ORACAL Safety 375 with a thickness of 0.2 mm and 0.375 mm, respectively, in a multi-layer design. The thicker the film, the greater the protective effect, which is reinforced even more by the multi-layered design of the ORACAL Safety 200 and ORACAL Safety 375 products.

In addition to these, the ORACAL Safety 100Ext and ORACAL Safety 200Ext are two products designed for outdoor use. They feature a UV deflection rate of 99%. A top layer makes the films resistant to external effects.

ORACAL Safety Window Films are applied using a wet application process, which makes them easy to position and adhere in place. The adhesive consists of a durably stable and highly transparent acrylate polymer, providing almost invisible adhesion.

ORACAL Safety Window Films for outdoor use last for five years, while indoor films last for ten, and they are available as standard on reels with a width of 1525 mm and a total length of 30 m.


The ORAFOL Group is an international company specialising in plastic finishes. A research-oriented manufacturer of specialist plastic products and self-adhesive high-performance films, ORAFOL had a turnover of 870 million euros in the 2022 business year. With 17 subsidiaries, the owner-operated group has a presence in Europe, North and South America, Australia, Asia and Africa. It has manufacturing sites in Germany, the USA, Canada, Australia, China and Mexico. ORAFOL employs more than 2,600 people around the world, more than 1,200 at headquarters in Oranienburg, near Berlin.



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