Xanita, a pioneer in sustainable fibreboard solutions, has launched Xanita Aspect, a paper-based rigid board designed exclusively for the wide format printing industry. 

“With a relentless commitment to environmental stewardship and customer satisfaction, Xanita Aspect sets a new standard for eco-friendly signage solutions, offering a superior alternative to conventional honeycomb boards,” said Cape Town, South Africa-based manufacturer Xanita – distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Allkraft. 


"We believe that sustainability and performance should go hand in hand," said James Beattie, CEO of Xanita. "With Xanita Aspect, we have created a product that not only meets the demands of the printing industry but also aligns with our customers' commitment to ESG goals."

Aspect Print is made from over 90% post-consumer paper, while Aspect Kraft is made from 100% post-consumer paper. “As a testament to Xanita's eco-conscious practices, Aspect contains no harmful chemicals or VOCs, making it a safe and environmentally friendly choice for businesses,” said a press release.

“While Xanita Aspect is designed for signage applications, it is far from a typical honeycomb board. Leveraging the same ‘closed-cell’ core design as Xanita's premium board products, Xanita Aspect delivers unmatched strength, durability, and rigidity. Its ability to withstand the rigors of wide format printing and everyday handling ensures exceptional print results that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

“Xanita Aspect has been priced in-line with competing honeycomb boards making it a truly economical choice. Companies can now benefit from the sustainability and durability of Xanita Aspect without compromise and increased material costs.

“Xanita invites businesses to explore the possibilities of Xanita Aspect in their printing operations. By choosing Xanita Aspect, companies can align their sustainability goals with high-performance solutions, contributing to a greener future for all.”

"We are excited to hear your thoughts and discover how Xanita Aspect can transform your printing endeavours," added Beattie. "Be bold, experience, and embrace the opportunity to make a tangible and sustainable impact."

Xanita board is a sustainable engineered fibreboard manufactured using fibres recovered from recycled paper products such as cardboard boxes. Xanita board is VOC free, 100% repulpable, 75% lighter than MDF and stronger than honeycomb boards. Xanita board is designed to work with digital flatbed printers, hybrid printers and CNC cutters.

To learn more about Xanita Aspect, visit https://xanita.com/aspect/




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