Roland DG Corporation has announced the acquisition of shares for UAB Dimense print, a subsidiary of UAB VEIKA, a manufacturer and vendor for wallpaper-related products headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania.


“Roland DG has set the goal of pioneering the future through ‘Digital and Co-creation’ in the midterm business plan (FY2021-23) which focuses on transitioning the business portfolio and examining growth opportunities through M&A to establish new core businesses,” said a company press release. 

“Roland DG has decided to acquire a 50.1% stake in UAB Dimense print, a subsidiary of UAB VEIKA, which excels in chemical technology and offers a unique digital printing embossing solution for wallpaper industries. The digitalization of wallpaper printing has not yet fully penetrated the market, but growing demand for personalization and upcoming market expansion present the perfect opportunity for Roland DG to make its official entry into the market. Furthermore, this embossing technology has great potential as it can bring texture and dimension to various printed applications, such as gypsum molds.” 

Roland DG aims to strengthen its presence in the wallpaper market through "the continued development, sales, and support of DIMENSE and Ecodeco, both proprietary technologies of UAB Dimense print.

“Leveraging UAB VEIKA’s excellent technical capabilities and combining them with Roland DG’s manufacturing expertise and global-scale sales network, Roland DG will drive the development and sales of unique and high-value-added new digital printing solutions, with the goal to further expand the market by capitalizing on these strengths,” Roland said.

About UAB VEIKA and UAB Dimense print

VEIKA is a family business founded in 1991 in Vilnius, Lithuania by Jakov Etin and is well known as a producer of a wide range of materials for the wallpaper industry. VEIKA has earned its reputation as a reliable and trusted supplier, with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the field of wallpaper production. After the second generation - Dr. Aleksey Etin, who joined the company in 2007, recognizing the pivotal role that continuous research and development play in the achieving lasting success - VEIKA has established an impressive range of laboratories dedicated to innovation in inks, polymers and coatings.

Since 2012, their focus has shifted to digital printing, and production began on solvent inkjet printers and PVC wallpaper. Now, with an eye on protecting the environment, the company has gone PVC free, inventing and patenting Ecodeco, a plasticizer-free base for traditional hot embossed wallpaper production. Their digital solutions also include the DIMENSE, a cutting-edge wide-format inkjet printer, which has gained high recognition for its unique structure printing capability, environmentally-friendly inks & substrate, and facilitation of original expressive designs in wallpaper printing. Through acquisition of UAB Dimense print shares, Roland DG will gain access to the combined ink and wallpaper related technological capabilities of the company and its parent company, UAB VEIKA.

Kohei Tanabe, Roland DG Corporation president and representative director said: “I still vividly remember the day I first saw DIMENSE’s wallpaper solution in 2019. Today’s announcement marks a momentous fusion of our mission, ‘Bringing new opportunities to society through digital technology,’ and our purpose, ‘To Empower Creativity and Excitement Worldwide,’ with DIMENSE’s unique and innovative digital embossing printing solution. Throughout the negotiations, I have felt the desire to join forces with them and inspire excitement worldwide. Roland DG has consistently grown through digitalization and market creation. Now, I am honoured to move forward together, fostering the market for embossing, including wallpapers, through the acquisition of UAB Dimense print shares.”

Aleksey Etin, UAB VEIKA CEO: “VEIKA and Roland DG have been business partners since 2015. I believe that this joint venture with Roland DG will be a great opportunity to benefit from the best that the two companies have: Roland DG’s expertise in printer development and distribution capabilities around the world and VEIKA’s know-how in inks and media development. This partnership will allow us to speed up the progress of DIMENSE and Ecodeco technologies, as well as take them to a new level. It is great honour to be trusted by such an outstanding partner like Roland DG and I am very happy that we have reached this agreement. I believe it will be highly beneficial for everyone, including our valued partners, customers and suppliers.”

Future Plans

The current business structure will continue for the foreseeable future as both companies work on integration. No changes are planned for clients and suppliers. "Details on the timing and method for new product launches will be provided as they are determined," Roland DG said.


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