MUTOH Industries Ltd.,  has announced the official release of the XpertJet 1462UF, first previewed at FESPA Munich in May. It is a flatbed DtO (Direst-to-object) UV-LED printer with a table size of 1,420 mm (55.9”) x 700 mm (27.5”), which combines high productivity and high image quality to meet diverse DtO needs (at FESPA, the pilot version was printing sunglasses). This now gives Mutoh UV DtO printers in A3, A2 and A1+ formats.

Mutoh new 1462UFMutoh's new 1462UF industrial object (and signboard) printer is off to a flying start, with one sold already

"It's not just another board-printing flatbed UV printer," says Mutoh Australia Managing Director Russell Cavenagh, "It's an industrial-strength object printer with 150mm of clearance, that will print on almost anything - just like the smaller XPJ 461UF and 661UF models.

"The difference is that the larger, 1420mm x 700mm, multi-zone vacuum bed enables Russell Cavenagh MutohRussell Cavenagh, MD Mutoh Australiamore multi-up objects to be printed together - increasing productivity dramatically. Objects up to 150mm in height (and 50kg in weight) can be printed, opening up packaging and larger objects such as guitar cases, table tops and luggage for sturdy LED-UV decoration and personalisation."

He continues:  "I'm really excited about this particular new printer, not forgetting there is a new ink type to go with it that is even more eco-friendly. We have already sold the first unit, based on the specs and knowledge of the XPJ 661UF - before the shipment has even arrived in the country!"

The XpertJet 1462UF is equipped with two newly developed 4-inch UV-LED lamps and staggered dual print heads with independent CMYK and white/varnish for faster two-layer printing. The highly rigid and precise chassis and MUTOH's unique aluminum rail mechanism deliver high ink dot placement accuracy.

The printer supports media up to 1,420 mm (55.9”) x 700 mm (27.5”), 150mm (5.9”) thick, and 50 kg/m2 in weight. The table unit is equipped with a 4 zone vacuum table with 4-stage suction force control, and service holes for fixing jigs, allowing greater flexibility in media selection.

The XpertJet 1462UF brings the best "Made in Japan Quality" to various markets such as personalized items, store decoration, sign, industrial products and more

Key Features of the XpertJet 1462UF

Both high productivity and high image quality in bi-directional printing enable faster 2-layer printing. Newly developed 4-inch wide UV-LED lamps are placed on both sides of the print head.

Combined with "UV-LED local dimming control technology," which individually controls the UV-LED lamp irradiation for each segment according to the printing conditions, it achieves optimal ink curing even in bi-directional printing.

Staggered dual print heads ensure high productivity. The first head prints CMYK, the second head prints white/varnish, which enables 2-layer printing without speed loss. It is also ideal for braille and 2.5D structure prints.

Highly rigid and precise chassis and adjustment of MUTOH’s high precision aluminum rail mechanism deliver high ink dot placement accuracy. It enables stable and high-quality printing

The XpertJet 1462UF has both sufficient table area and strength, it is capable of printing on heavy or thick media. The media size of 1,420mm x 700mm (55.9” x 27.5”) supports a wide range of applications from large signage to small print runs. It improves productivity and shortening delivery time. The 4 zone vacuum table can be configured for single or multi area vacuum suction securing virtually any media in place. Select from four levels of suction force (strong, medium, low, and off).

In addition to Suction holes and predrilled holes outside the printable area that can be used to secure custom jigs, the unique ferromagnetic table easily secures a variety of products with magnets.

Nozzle check can be performed at any time in a dedicated area next to the print table.

The printer ships with genuine VerteLithRIP software RIP software that achieves unmatched image quality and workflow efficiency.

Next-generation UV-LED ink, US61, is introduced

US61, a newly developed environmentally friendly UV ink is available for the XpertJet 1462UF.

The ink complies with the latest chemical substance regulations in the EU, which has strict environmental regulations. In addition, in anticipation of future regulations, it is free of substances classified as CMR Category 1 (1A, 1B) * and SVHC (substance of very high concern).

This is a next-generation UV ink that takes into consideration the health of operators and the environment. In addition, it combines “flexibility" and “scratch resistance" at a high level, which have been trade-offs in conventional UV inks, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

*CMR refers to substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reproductive toxic. Category 1 is classified as substances that are carcinogenic, mutagenic, or reproductive toxic to humans.

The XpertJet 1462UF will be released sequentially in Japan, the U.S., Europe, Australia, and other countries.

A comprehensive video can be seen below:

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