Textiles Alive is the largest textile imaging production house and fabric product specialist in New Zealand, boasting several 3.2 and now 3.4 metre dye-sub machines. Supplying only direct-to-trade, the company has operations in Auckland, Wellington & Christchurch. Currie Group's Paul Whitehead collected the order from the Tauranga, Bay-of-Plenty located owner Paul Cripps and toasted the FabriVU sale with glasses of bubbly!

 Curries EFI FabriVu FESPACheers!  (RtoL) Paul Cripps (VP EMEA, EFI), John Heyworth (Owner of Textiles Alive), Paul Whitehead (Currie Group) & Brett Addison( BDM-Inkjet, EFI) toast the FabriVU sale

EFILogo RGBTextiles Alive offers scalable solutions and NZ unmatched capacity, on time and on budget. From humble beginnings with two staff out the back in a garage in Tauranga 38 years ago, to the biggest, most capable fabric printing company in New Zealand, Textiles Alive has a focus on efficiency, expertise and innovation.

As a textile printer, Textiles Alive has four key disciplines - printing, pressing, cutting and sewing of fabric substrates particular to the dye-sublimation process. Products created include: flags, exhibition solutions, fabric tension structures, signs, counters, furniture, specialty signage, lightboxes, inflatables and retail displays.

As the company says: "We’ve remained focused on our area of expertise, textiles, but invested heavily in innovation to ensure that we can deliverCurries TextilesAlive bldg the best fabrics, print and display solutions to you. And we deliver this in a way that we believe enhances our client relationships; through our ‘trade only’ model. Ultimately our clients have the option to engage any part of this service in isolation or pick and mix these to work in with  requirements."

Currie Group's success with the EFI superwide-format inkjet machines has seen them recently expand the staff to include Ashley Playford-Browne, a well-respected wide format expert, to boost technical and sales resources for Wide Format Business Unit Manager, Paul Whitehead.

Textile Alive's EFI FabriVU 340i+ has maximum media width of 3.4 metres and dye-sub production productivity between 166 m2/hr and, in outdoor mode, 480 m2/hr. Resolution is 2400dpi and it sublimates inline via a heat platen.

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