Brands using full motion Out of Home video campaigns enjoyed a 187% jump in buyers compared to those using static digital only, according to new data from oOh!media’s POLYGRAPH creative effectiveness study.


The findings, based on anonymised customer transactional data, follows the launch of oOh! motion – a new product that delivers full motion video across more than 8,800 screens throughout oOh!’s digital video network.

The study tracked the campaign effectiveness of non-FMCG brands using oOh! motion and found that the average increase in buyers was 187 percent, 16 times greater than the broader category. In addition, brands using full motion creative saw a 66 percent increase in new customers – three times greater than the broader category.

An Out of Home campaign for Mutti, Italy’s number #1 tomato brand of high quality tomato products, that utilised the full motion capabilities of oOh!’s Retail network saw a 22 percent increase in buyers, significantly outperforming the category which dropped 2.7 percent over the campaign period.

Analysis of the campaign also revealed 63 percent of Mutti buyers were new to the brand, higher than the category average of 29 percent. Mutti also recorded growth in market share and brand penetration, up 17 and 35 percent respectively, leading to category share of eight percent and brand penetration of 10 percent.

Neil Ackland chief content, marketing, and creative officer, oOh!: “Full motion video effectively and efficiently captures audience attention in high dwell environments at scale, but less than half of advertisers are making full use of this capability, despite most already creating video content for social, TV and online.

“oOh! has the largest full motion OOH network, reaching 71 percent of metro Australians each week, and with POLYGRAPH – which measures the correlation between OOH creative executions and their impact on actual purchase behaviour – we can help guide advertisers and agencies on how best to optimise their creative to maximise impact and drive ROI.” 


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