ORAFOL is expanding its Graphic Innovations range and will unveil new paint protection films (PPF) at this month’s FESPA Global Print Expo (May 23-26) in Munich. “ORAFOL has not been present enough in the PPF sector in recent years,” the company said. "The acquisition of Nupro has given us a broader insight into this market segment."


The polyurethane films of the ORAGUARD 2815F Stone Guard were specially developed as paint protection films (PPF) for sensitive, painted vehicle surfaces. The films are suitable for both partial and full application.

A new product range with lotus effect will be presented at FESPA: the paint protection films ORAGUARD 2815GF+ (glossy surface) and ORAGUARD 2815MF+ (matt surface).

"The lotus effect ensures that rain and dirty water bead off the surface," Orafol said. "As a result, fewer dirt particles and raindrops are visible on the surface. The films are also resistant to yellowing due to the surface coating. The greater flexibility of the new products also simplifies the application of the films.


“The films are the ideal choice for paint protection of flat to slightly curved surfaces and protect against a variety of influences such as stone chips, insects, small to medium scratches, chemical contamination or weathering. The original paint colour is not affected. Thanks to a self-healing surface coating, small scratches in the film close up at room temperature, and medium scratches when slightly heated.”

"Looking back self-critically, ORAFOL has not been present enough in the PPF sector in recent years,” said Dr. Jonas Kölsch, executive VP Graphic Innovation at Orafol. “The acquisition of NUPRO [2021] has given us a broader insight into this market segment. This product area offers strong growth potential for ORAFOL, which is why product diversity will be further increased in the future."

The new paint protection films and other products will be presented at the ORAFOL booth at FESPA from May 23-26 in Munich. 





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