In what is believed to be Australia's only inkjet ink manufacturing plant, Memjet has announced the opening of a state-of-the-art dye-based ink manufacturing plant in Sydney. The new facility will produce Memjet’s advanced ink formulations in a quality-controlled, automated production environment.

Memjet NSWofficeMemjet's Macquarie Park, Sydney HQ has long been its home. The inkjet ink plant is nearby in Byfield Rd.

Memjet’s new smart manufacturing facility houses custom-made mixing and sanitizing technology for superior ink quality and enhanced partner value propositions. World-first, fully automated ink production processes have been designed by Memjet’s in-house, chemistry and engineering teams. The new facility includes high-precision automated mixing equipment, which is air-sealed and has high-purity air filtering systems at all input points to eliminate contaminants and produce superior dye-based ink. There are no open tanks or open delivery mechanisms in the production facility. Food grade components are used in every area of the plant with ‘zero retain’ vessels and valving systems to ensure cleanliness and cross-contamination-free product manufacturing.

Ink manufacturing quality is further enhanced by a newly developed, high-pressure, integrated cleaning system that introduces highly efficient microbiological sanitation. This thermally managed system allows for real-time control and output checking to ensure cleanliness and trouble-free formulation changes between batch mixing processes.

Memjet’s new manufacturing facility is highly process driven with every stage of the manufacturing process meticulously measured. Electronic system checks take place at inventory management, internal quality control, formula adherence, process control and outgoing quality control. Extensive process documentation also supports finite quality control, consistent formula replication, and stringent health and safety practices.

Quality assurance at the new site goes well beyond output approval. Automated dispensing and traceability of consumables means manufacturing will not start if key materials have not been approved by the Quality Assurance Laboratory and the results stored in Memjet’s Manufacturing Execution System.

Once manufactured, Memjet ink is passed through a finely filtered multi-stage transfer system that moves the ink from mixing tanks to storage tanks prior to being dispensed to shipping containers. This process is monitored and measured by the Execution System which fills bulk ink delivery tanks for shipment to customers.

Investing in Australia for secure, reliable high technology production

The Sydney ink manufacturing plant leverages Memjet’s deep and established supply chains. Cost-effective raw materials plus reliable, just-in-time delivery schedules support efficient production and tight delivery timeframes.Memjet Sunil GuptaMemjet CEO Sunil Gupta

Memjet CEO, Mr. Sunil Gupta, said, ‘Our new Sydney production facility represents a significant and continuing commitment to our dye-based ink platforms and customers worldwide. It is an exciting breakthrough in dye-based ink production. Sealed ink housing throughout all stages of the ink production process means Memjet inks deliver a superior level of sanitization. This supports optimal print performance and decreases downtime for printhead maintenance.’

Memjet jason theleander.pngMemjet CTO Jason ThelanderMemjet Chief Technology Officer, Mr. Jason Thelander, explained that the new Memjet manufacturing facility is within walking distance from Memjet’s cutting-edge research and development facility. ‘The close proximity to our engineering and materials science teams means plant technicians have immediate access to high-level expertise for investigative advice and process improvements. This also supports ongoing ink development by giving our research team a shop floor vantage point from which to approach innovation.’

The ink facility is believed to housed in Memjet's Byfield Road, Macquarie Park, property, around the corner from the Lion Park Rd Engineering headquarters where Memjet has been for many years.

Memjet has OEM partner agreements with 35 printer manufacturers including Canon, Konica Minolta, Xante, MGI, Affinia Label and Colordyne.

Supporting the Australian economy, Memjet’s new smart manufacturing plant has created a significant number of new jobs for engineering and manufacturing professionals. The plant is part of Memjet’s global manufacturing execution system.

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