It's true! Next weekend will see the World's biggest exhibition of car wraps in Melbourne, featuring major brands and materials from all major wrap suppliers: Orafol, 3M, Hexis, Avery Dennison, Arlon, Ritrama, KPMF - you name it! Don't miss it but your have to have sharp eyes because the cars will be going around at 300kmph+!


As wrapfests go, there's nothing bigger than the one in Melbourne next weekend*. Just take a look at some of the livery that will be on display - a mouth-watering array of the best wraps in the world, capable of withstanding strong sun and wind, heat and the occasional brushing-by of fellow cars.

Ferrari Oracle

Mercedes Alphatauri

AlfaRomeo Williams


* Otherwise known at the Melbourne F1 Grand Prix! Happy Aopril 1st for Saturday!


(All brands, wraps and images copyright is hereby acknowledged with gratitude to the resepective owners)

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