Colour management software specialist Color-Logic has announced certification of the Mimaki JFX600-2513 flatbed UV-LED printer, the fastest model in the Mimaki JFX series. 


Screen Shot 2023 03 01 at 12.12.33 pm"With 16 heads, the Mimaki JFX-600-2513 printer produces up to 2,152 square feet of images per hour," said Mark Geeves, director of Color-Logic sales and marketing."

“Color-Logic licensees using the machine can expect to offer their print customers consistent, reproducible, metallic designs for packaging, signage, short-run cartons, and labels.

"The Mimaki machine utilizes the Onyx RIP, which has long been Color-Logic certified."

Mimaki launched its large flatbed inkjet printers JFX600-2513 and JFX550-2513 in April 2021, aimed at printing “more eye-catchy signage graphics at higher speeds than ever before."

The maximum printable size is 2,500 mm x 1,300 mm, with a thickness of up to 60 mm, and supporting 4'×8’ boards (1,220 mm x 2,440 mm), which are often used for signboard production.

"Since direct printing on media is possible, they can print on a variety of media such as resin, glass, and metal, not to mention large sign boards, which makes them perfect printers for a wide range of applications such as large decorations, sign displays, and interior materials," Mimaki said.


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