According to the company, swissQprint is the only manufacturer of large format UV printers to have the energy efficiency of its current range re-certified. All models again scored excellently, so users can continue expecting proven low power consumption.

SwissQprint Kudu energy efficiency
swissQprint's Kudu printer claims to be one of the most energy efficient on the market


SwiisQ logoThis is the second time that swissQprint had its products tested for energy efficiency in accordance with the ISO 20690:2018 standard – once again successfully. Representatives of Fogra, the Research Institute for Media Technologies, measured and certified the power consumption of the swissQprint flatbed printers Kudu, Nyala 4, Nyala 4S and the roll to roll printers Karibu 2 and Karibu S in various print modes. The tests showed ‘top in class’ energy efficiency for every machine. This means their power needs are very low in relation to performance, which saves costs and resources.

Same power use as making a cup of tea!

The Swiss UV LED large format printers consume an average of 2.2 kilowatt-hours of electricity, exactly the same as an average kettle. Another comparison: A two-hour video streaming session on a 65-inch 4K TV requires about the same amount of power, calculated from the data centre to the end device.

For users, it is more important than ever to have power consumption under control and, most of all, to use that power efficiently. This is guaranteed with these Swiss large format printers. According to Fogra, swissQprint is so far the only manufacturer able to provide independent and standardised proof for its products in this respect. Previously, in 2018 and 2019, Fogra awarded the Nyala and Karibu models for their ‘outstanding energy efficiency’ in accordance with the ISO 20690:2018 standard, which specifies methods for determining the energy consumption of digital printers.

SwissQprint printers are distributed in Australia and New Zealand by Positive:

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