They call it 'Brandalism' but it's just old-fashioned vandalism. More than 400 car billboards in 14 European cities have been hacked and replaced by climate activists who accuse Toyota and BMW of using the advertising to "greenwash their public image while lobbying hard against climate regulations.”

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The coordinated action in France, Belgium, Germany and the UK was organised by climate campaign groups Brandalism, Subvertisers International and Extinction Rebellion.

The operation was planned over 10 weeks and the car ads were replaced by climate change-related adverts installed on billboards and at bus stops in 14 cities simultaneously.

“Subvertising teams across Europe have taken aim at Toyota and BMW for misleading adverts and anti-climate lobbying,” said Brandalism UK. “Climate breakdown is a global problem so we do need an international response."


 The campaign has called for a ban on advertising ‘high-polluting vehicles.'


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