An Italian company has developed new technology that it says creates a fully recyclable graphic cover for solar panels that can be customized to create advertising billboards. 

              Solar panels with Sunspeker's See Beyond technology in Treviso, Italy

Turin-based Sunspeker recently was named in the ‘Top 8 Green Energy startups’ in Italy for its ‘See Beyond’ technology that can be used to create a fully recyclable graphic cover able to be customized for any solar panel.

“The Sunspeker sticker replicates images with very high definition while being permeable to light, maintaining over 90% efficiency of covered solar panels,” the company said in its funding pitch to Italy’s Bureau of Entrepreneurial Finance.

“Our patented technology transforms the advertising poster into a fully recyclable graphics cover, applicable on any solar panel (rigid or flexible) while maintaining very high efficiency.

“The clean and cheap energy generated from solar panels helps to reduce CO2 emission, making the SAS Totem, Billboard, Building, Infrastructure all zero impact solutions.

    Before and after - the Christmas tree of Piazza Venezia, Rome (artist's rendition)

“Every solar panel is potentially an advertising space,” said the company, predicting large growth potential in the brand new ‘solar advertising market.’

Sunspeker says its patented technology is now being trialled in pilot projects and the company is seeking more funding before a market launch.

           Sunspeker CEO & Inventor Fabrizio Chiara (2nd from right)


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