Epson’s SureLab D560, the latest in its SureLab minilab range, has been designed for a variety of environments including kiosk, studio, retail and events, weighing in at only 7kg with compact size of 299 x 350 x 154 cm.


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“Size is clearly no measure of strength though as the D560 outputs 4”x 6” and 3.5”x 5” photo sizes in gloss or lustre while also supporting double-sided printing," said Epson Australia. "The D560 also holds 100 sheets of media, is particularly easy to use and is fast to print with 250pph for 4”x 6” images.

“Part of the reason for this speed and efficiency is that the D560 is equipped with and leverages the same, enhanced 6-channel MicroPiezo printhead and vivid UltraChrome D6r-S dye-based ink technology as the SureLab D1060. This means the printer can accurately reproduce subtle tones in portrait photos with smooth transitions and crisp, sharp details. When coupled with compatible Epson genuine photo media, prints are water, smudge and fade resistant. Ultimately, the SureLab D560 enjoys the same high print quality as the SureLab D1060.

"For improved productivity and sustainability, the SureLab D560’s ink system uses 70ml bottles that are cost-effective to purchase and compact to store."

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The D560 printer has a 100,000 print life cycle and can be stacked three units high when required. It also features all-front access for easy ink refill, media loading and maintenance tank change.

"With Epson Cloud Solution PORT, D560 users have access to historic and real-time data for better decision making," Epson said. "With quality data, users can control costs more closely while ensuring optimal asset utilisation. Performance data is summarised in an easy to understand interface.

"Another option that can be requested for the D560 is the SureLab OrderController, Epson’s software used for managing and controlling print orders. It gives users system flexibility and the ability to efficiently manage orders and printers from over the counter or coming from associated Kiosks via automated order management and production. OrderController also allows for easy production of sets of photos from digital image files via pre-sets and includes advanced image correction features including red eye removal."

The SureLab D560 comes with a comprehensive ‘heads-and-all’ on-site warranty that can be extended with CoverPlus for up to five years. 

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        The SureLab D560 in-situ

Key features of the SureLab D560 include:

-           Clever Ink System – UltraChrome D6r-S ink in 70ml bottles deliver better prints with finer gradation and a wider colour gamut, while reducing cost and waste.
-           Flexible Operation – Integrated output tray. Integrated LCD panel for direct control, as well as an upgraded driver for desktop management (Windows & Mac OS compatible). Supports Epson’s new Cloud Solution PORT service for remote monitoring and analysis. This allows access from a web-based interface in the office, from home, and from a mobile device when on the move. The optional SureLab OrderController software offers additional flexibility for efficient management and control of print orders.
-           Reduced Cost – Supplied complete with 2 sets of inks, 800 sheets of Single-sided Gloss and 400 sheets of Single-sided Lustre media. Features a 100,000 print life and backed with a comprehensive on-site warranty, with a CoverPlus solution for coverage up to 5 years.
-           Flexible Integration – Low 18W power consumption, and only 1.4W when in sleep. Connect easily to printer over Wi-Fi®, Ethernet or USB using redesigned printer driver for Windows® and Mac®
-           Small Footprint – Portable and compact in size (299 x 350 x 154 cm) 
-           Versatile Output – Designed to use Epson media that is available in single/double-sided sheet configurations, with gloss or lustre finishes. Supports production of prints with a border and borderless. 
-           Built for Reliable Operation – Requires minimum maintenance and features new ink-less nozzle detection and alignment technology. 

Pricing and availability

The SureLab D560 is expected to be available from December 2022 in Australia and Q1 2023 in New Zealand with the following RRP (excluding GST):

SLD5601Y - Printer with 1-year warranty – AUD$1,695 and NZD$1,895
SLD5603Y - Printer with 3-year warranty – AUD$1,895 and NZD$2,095
SLD5605Y - Printer with 5-year warranty – AUD$2,045 and NZD$2,245

Each printer bundle will include two 6 x 70ml bottle ink sets, and 1200 sheets of media consisting of 800 sheets 4x6” gloss and 400 sheets 4x6” Lustre paper sets.


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