Spandex Group has introduced ImagePerfect EverGreen (to be released 2023 in Australia) - its new range of print and signage films that are 100% PVC free and use a water-based, solvent free adhesive.

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Spandex CEO Andrew Coulsen

“This year has been a hugely exciting landmark in our environmental progress,” said Andrew Coulsen, the Australian-born CEO of Switzerland-based Spandex Group.

“Created and produced by Eikon, the product development and manufacturing arm of the Spandex Group, IP EverGreen offers visual communications businesses an appealing alternative to PVC, with a holistic approach to environmental responsibility from the lining paper to the adhesive to the product packaging.

“We know that our visual communications customers are actively looking for solutions that can truly help them and their clients make more environmentally responsible choices, and we want to be ready to support them.”

The ImagePerfect EverGreen range comprises eight digitally printable white films offering matt and gloss finishes with a range of adhesive systems (PerfectApply, permanent and high-tack), plus a printable clear laminate film. The printable films are designed to be compatible with latex and UV digital printing technologies. 

The ImagePerfect EverGreen coloured signage range includes 22 different films, including black and white in gloss and matt finishes and 18 contemporary colours, with a bespoke colour matching service for specific one-off customer requirements.


 ImagePerfect EverGreen products are 100% free of PVC and plasticiser, offering the environmental advantages of PVC-free products while retaining the handling characteristics, flexibility and durability of PVC films. The material used is polyolefin, which is free of toxins such as dioxins and furans and is readily recyclable into a range of consumer products.

The new range incorporates an advanced, water-based adhesive system that is 100% solvent-free but retains excellent adhesive performance for stability and durability of applications. 

Environmental innovation extends to ImagePerfect EverGreen's specially sourced liner paper, a 100% recycled, FSC certified base paper with an LDPE (low-density, polyethylene) coating that is free of petro-chemicals. This special liner requires 60% less CO² to manufacture than a typical liner material.

The roll supports (core holders/end bungs) used for ImagePerfect EverGreen also offer a significant environmental and strength advantage compared with the conventional polypropylene roll supports used to deliver most film products. The IP EverGreen roll supports are manufactured using a granulate of FSC-accredited recycled paper and recycled LDPE, resulting in a 100% recyclable material.

Both the liner paper and roll support material used with ImagePerfect EverGreen are unique among products available in the graphics industry today, according to Spandex. Consideration for the environment also extends to the biodegradable bags used to protect rolls of IP EverGreen in transit and storage.

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“Aside from this major product innovation, we’re made some really positive strides in our operations too,” Coulson said. “47% of the electricity used by our businesses is from renewable energy sources, and our investment plan makes provision for installing solar panels at some of our facilities, which will decrease our reliance on fossil fuels even further.

“In Switzerland, where we are headquartered, we’re offsetting the carbon used by our delivery companies, and where our logistics are concerned, we intend to go a lot further. In the UK, where our own manufacturing facility is located, we consciously minimise deliveries between the factory and our warehouse to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Ultimately, sustainability is not about numbers and targets – it’s about people. The first pillar in our sustainability strategy acknowledges that our employees are our biggest asset, and it enshrines their health and welfare as a key business priority.”

Spandex Group is one of the world’s leading suppliers of materials, sign systems, displays and equipment to the sign making, graphics, architectural and vehicle wrapping markets.


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