Warwick Ryan of Hicksons Lawyers and moderater Vernon Kingman of Kingman Strategies will present ASGA’s latest webinar, titled ‘Managing bullying and psychological injuries in the workplace,’ on 29 November.

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“20 years ago, the claim of bullying was almost unknown in the workplace - how times have changed!” said ASGA. “Psychological injuries now comprise about a quarter of all workers compensation claims and the lost days for psychological claims are generally three times that of an average physical injury.

“That is not the only area that it has surfaced – safe work authorities around the country all have psychological risk management codes and in many states there is a positive obligation upon employers to implement risk minimisation strategies in that area.

“Equally as challenging is that almost every attempt to counsel an employee about their performance results in an employee leaving the workplace under a medical certificate, claiming stress,” ASGA said.

“How did we get to this point and what risks do businesses face as a result of this proliferation of such claims? Are there any strategies that can help a business minimise the risk of such claims?”

ASGA Webinar - managing bullying and psychological injuries in the workplace

Warwick Ryan Hicksons LawyersPresented by: Warwick Ryan of Hicksons Lawyers and moderated by Vernon Kingman of Kingman Strategies.

Warwick (pictured right) is an employment law specialist with 25 years’ experience, who advises clients on almost a daily basis “some aspect or other regarding psychological injury for a bullying claim."

This presentation will explore these issues and provide some useful strategies to better position businesses to avoid the problem and where it arises reduce its implications for the business.

Vernon Kingman Kingman StrategiesVernon (right)  is a brush trained signwriter and has been in the signage industry for over 50 years. His company Kingman Visual won over 40 national awards and is regarded as one of the best sign companies in Australia.

Kingman Visual was sold in 2020 and Vernon now coaches businesses on meeting and improving their position in the market and achieving their business and personal goals.

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