The latest version of MUTOH’s VerteLith 5.0 genuine RIP software includes new colour accuracy features such as colour replacement and spot colour fine-tuning, as well as intelligent nesting.


Mutoh Logo 350px“VerteLith includes advanced functions such as Mutoh Clear Tone, an original half-tone technology that achieves brilliant image quality and smoothness,” said a press release from Mutoh America. 

“VerteLith 5.0 now adds even more features to enhance the user experience and overall output. New to the toolkit are features like colour replacement and spot colour fine-tuning. These upgrades will allow the user more control over their colour accuracy. Mutoh vertelith input profile gamut

“The new search function will allow the user to quickly find previous print jobs in the archives. Adding the ability to send multiple print jobs at once will allow the user to optimize their workday.

“VerteLith 5.0 also includes intelligent nesting, which will help users save money on media by nesting files more efficiently for minimal media usage. These additional features make MUTOH's genuine RIP software more efficient and easier to use than ever.

Derek Moffett, product manager at MUTOH America, said: “VerteLith is a robust software solution that is constantly evolving to better meet our customers’ needs. We think users are going to be impressed with the new features in version 5.0.” 

The VerteLith 5.0 update is available for all MUTOH Eco-solvent and UV printer models.


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