Melbourne & NSW street poster company Rock Posters, working in conjunction with Spicers Australia and Opal Australian Paper, has won the Industry Leader award in the Waste and Litter reduction category at the Victorian Premier's Sustainability Awards 2022.

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Over the past 2 years, the Victorian-owned and operated company has been experimenting with paper and ink to decrease landfill waste, reduce emissions and help educate its client base about the environmental value of a new product they’ve named "Green Paper.”

The product uses post-consumer waste that is re-made into paper by Opal Australian Paper at the Maryvale Mill. 

It’s then sheeted specifically to fit the Rock Posters’ printer, which uses vegetable-based inks, reducing carbon emissions one poster at a time.


“In conjunction with Spicers Australia, we are very proud to have introduced a new option for outdoor advertisers who are seeking a greener alternative,” the company said.

“Our paper is now derived from post-consumer waste, so when it’s finished its first use, we give it a second. And it travels about 2 hours from source to printer, and with the faith of great people like Susan Heymann, Reegan Stark , Chugg Entertainment, Mushroom Group and Live Nation Entertainment, we play a small role in launching an awesome tour. We sincerely hope this is just the beginning and urge artists, managers, agents, promoters, venues, labels and interested peak bodies to get on board.”

Rock Posters, established 1986, was “born from the need for comedians, labels, musicians and promoters/producers to heighten awareness quickly, easily and cost-effectively. Our guiding principles of integrity, transparency and sheer hard work exists as strongly today as it did in ’86.”

The Australian-owned independent company has offices, account management, printing facilities and distribution infrastructure in Sydney and Melbourne serving a national network.

“It is now well over 34 years since we printed our first poster, and the medium has withstood an incredibly disruptive media environment," it said. "It has always been affordable, and it has always worked, whether it be selling a show or building a brand.

 St Kilda VIC
      St Kilda, Melbourne

 “We also urge you to support the great work being done by the inspirational group at Green Music Australia, they are helping us evolve and are the catalyst for your sustainable future. Please learn, educate, make the changes you can, you’ll feel great.”

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