At the recent IAA Transportation trade fair in Hanover, Germany, Orafol demonstrated how its reflective ORALITE VC 104+ range of conspicuity tapes can improve safety and even save lives.

ORALITE reflectives vehicles
 The outlines and contours of commercial and safety vehicles are enhanced by Oralite VC 104+ reflective tapes

ORALITE reflectives



Conspicuity of the contours on trucks and trailers is of vital importance, especially here in Australia. Many such commercial transport manufacturers presented their vehicles at the September IAA Transportation show in Hanover. The prominent market position of Orafol reflectives was clearly visible at this industry meeting with truck and trailer manufacturers in relying on customised contour markings. The ORALITE VC 104+ product series was developed to meet the highest customer-specific requirements here and internationally, offering excellent durability and resistance to cleaning and mechanical stress.

The ORALITE VC 104+ range available in Australia includes:

( all variants below are approved in accordance with ECE 104 class C)

·         For rigid surfaces as a continuous marking tape without a logo: 
ORALITE VC 104+ Rigid Grade
·         As a segmented solution for rigid surfaces (with transfer film for easy adhesion): 
ORALITE VC 104+ Rigid Grade Segmented
·         As a tanker sticker for rigid surfaces for individual bonding on round body parts: 
ORALITE VC 104+ Tanker Stickers
·         For permanent bodies with an individual, single-colour logo for larger volumes:
ORALITE VC 104+ Rigid Grade Imagine
·         For rigid surfaces with an individual, multicoloured logo, even for small quantities: 
ORALITE VC 104+ Rigid Grade Imagine EVO

Orafol reflective products are distributed throughout Australia by Orafol Australia, who recently exhibited at the Roads & Traffic trade show in Sydney.

Direct link to all Orafol Reflectives HERE

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