“Markets had suggested we may see a softening in the supply chain dynamics that pushed ocean freight to historical highs by mid-2022, unfortunately this has not eventuated,” said Ben McCauley, managing director, Spandex Asia Pacific.

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    Avery Dennison and Sunshine Coast Spandex last week hosted a successful wrap workshop

In a Materials Pricing Update to customers, McCauley said: “The European conflict has created supply-side challenges forcing pressure on the energy markets, this is contributing to further inflationary pressure throughout manufacturing. Specifically in Australia, rising fuel and labour costs have seen increases with all of our business partners supporting local distribution and supply chains. 

“As of Monday 10th October, 2022, we will update pricing for our materials portfolio to reflect the latest update from our manufacturing partners.

"Products most impacted by these conditions will reflect a typical increase of 3% - 9%, though it may not be limited to this. Please be sure to speak with our sales and service teams should have questions relating to your specific requirements,” McCauley said.

“We would like to reiterate our ongoing commitment to serving your business by providing the best possible service and product availability. In doing so, we will continue to be guided by our vision at Spandex to deliver innovation, expertise and opportunity to the global visual communications market.”



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