Global Graphics Software will “close the last link in DFE chain” with next week's launch of SmartMedia Color Management at Labelexpo Americas (13-15 September, Chicago). 


SmartMedia, an upgrade to the SmartDFE digital front end for label and packaging presses, removes complexity from the process of colour profiling to ensure the best quality and colour output from the press, according to Global Graphics, the developer of components for digital printing and a subsidiary of Hybrid Software Group.

“SmartDFE provides a full software and hardware stack, built around the award-winning Harlequin Direct RIP technology that has been designed to drive the fastest, widest and highest inkjet presses. SmartDFE is capable of processing fully variable data at blistering speeds and communicating out to the wider smart print factory, providing valuable information for QA and inspection, press maintenance, and stock control. It enables inkjet engineering teams to get to market quickly with a future-proofed, high-performance solution, whilst allowing them the space and capability to add their own value. SmartDFE provides a complete software stack for high-speed, single-pass inkjet presses and print bars, offering everything from a powerful pre-press workflow through to an ultra-high-speed RIP and halftone screening solution.

“SmartMedia is a new suite of components that simplifies the process of obtaining the best quality and colour output from a digital press. Powered by the award-winning PrintFlat and enhanced with powerful colour tools from ColorLogic GmbH, recently acquired by Hybrid Software Group, SmartMedia packages all the OEM’s reference press settings for each media and ink set into a library of media definitions and, via a wizard-like experience, enables press operators to easily select the appropriate media and ink set combination without needing specialist knowledge.

Eric Worrall, Global Graphics’ VP of products and services, added: “The rise of extended colour gamut, or 7-color printing, has created an opportunity for SmartMedia technology, as we help manufacturers set up their presses to produce high-quality results across all media types. Smart Media Manager enables the OEM to package their optimal settings for each media into a library. Our innovative technology enables any operator to bring the press back into a reference or golden state so that each media will give great quality and colour in the field.”

SmartDFE is designed to be part of a fully automated manufacturing solution supporting Industry 4.0 telematics and MIS integration, plus connectivity with automated manufacturing lines via OPC UA, the open standard for information exchange for industrial communication. It has been co-developed using components from other Hybrid Software Group companies who are also exhibiting on booth 3015 at Labelexpo Americas, including HYBRID Software’s STEPZ, the native PDF job creation solution for pre-press and VDP, and HYBRID Software’s CLOUDFLOW providing advanced workflow automation. SmartDFE also includes support for Meteor Inkjet’s industry-leading printhead electronics and software.


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