Luc Teblick and Peter Cornelis, two Belgian entrepreneurs with years of experience in the graphic arts and sign market, are pleased to announce the launch of a new company called ‘Augend Technologies’.

Augend Technologies claims to be the first company that has developed and now marketing a new digital high-end industrial wide-format press, the Augend F16 which uses solvent-based ink technology and operates from standard stock rolls to completely finished cut-sheets.

The F16 represents a convergence between traditional screen printing equipment and high-speed quality inkjet printing

The new company is built on the foundation that was established by Infiniti Europe, a firm launched by Teblick and Cornelis in 2003 that quickly became the leading provider of customised, high quality Infiniti wide-format printers in Europe. Assembled in China, these printers are fully optimised at the Belgian headquarters to ensure engineering and parts that match European standards. Today over 200 such printers, known under the product names Xplorer, Xpert, Xterius and Xtream, are installed across Europe and supported by an exceptional level of service and technical support.

The founders chose the name Augend, the name for the first element of a sum, based on the Latin word augendum, a thing to be increased.

First high-end industrial wide-format digital printing system
Luc Teblick, Managing Director, comments: "Augend Technologies will be the first company to introduce a high-end industrial wide-format digital press that will be the first of its kind, while also dramatically increasing productivity and quality through automation.

"Our present-day success was built on a high standard of customer support and we will honour this commitment to quality with Augend Technologies. Our installed base of wide-format printers is ever-growing and their users will profit from our even greater servicing capabilities," states Teblick.

The release of the Augend F16 is pending and represents a methodical research and development cycle and represents the convergence between traditional screen printing equipment and high-speed quality inkjet printing. Its design is modular-based. The machine is capable of printing at upto 540 sqm/hr with a maximum of 12.288 ink-jet nozzles.

Luc Teblick said, “We have identified a target group of customers who currently cannot find a wide-format inkjet solution on the market that matches their requirements for speed, automation and high output. The Augend F16 is already creating waves with beta-testers and the feedback is positive."

The Infiniti range has been re-branded to Augend Xplorer, Xpert, Xterius and Xtream Augend Technologies will continue to sell, support and service the existing product range of large format inkjet printers through their dedicated network of distributors across Europe.

The company will make it first appearance at FESPA 07 in June.

Augend Technologies

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