ASGA’s recent PacPrint seminar about changes to the National Construction Code (NCC) heard that one sign company was forced to remove a $60,000 sign because it did not comply with new regulations. Councils are auditing shopping centres for compliance.

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   ASGA's forum panel at PacPrint 

asga logo bndjfor0rbASGA presented a forum session at PacPrint in Melbourne on ‘Changes to the National Construction Code and How it Affects Signage.’ ASGA WHS & Compliance Advisor, Glenn Hain, outlined the key points and was joined for a discussion on the topic by Mick Harrold (ASGA President) and Marc Martello (ASGA Director). Julie Rochester (ASGA Director) moderated the session.

“The National Construction Code (NCC) changes in 2019 greatly impacted the signage industry, with signage losing its exemption under the Ancillary Items Provisions from having to comply with the flammability requirements of external wall materials,” ASGA told members in its newsletter. 

“This change has meant that sign materials must be non-combustible to be exempt and fall under Group 1 or Group 2 to satisfy the rules, otherwise fire engineering is required.

“While there are no NCC changes that directly affect signage expected in September (when the NCC 2022 is due to be adopted), Hain urged sign makers to ensure they comply with the existing regulations and to obtain fire engineer reports where required – not complying can result in huge financial implications.” 

At the seminar, Hain gave an example of one sign company being told they needed to take down a $60k sign because it did not comply.

In another case, a council audit of a shopping centre’s signs found that as the signs were installed after the 2019 NCC changes, the council was now requesting that the signs be taken down and replaced - despite more than two years having passed since their installation.  

ASGA members can access more details on compliant flammable cladding and Q&As that were generated from the AGSGA PacPrint Forum session, under the flammable cladding section in the member portal.


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