Avery Dennison has recently revealed 'Dusted Crystal' decorative architectural window film. The frosted media offers privacy and a translucent light effect for interior spaces, matte and luster finish options, and wet-apply quick-release adhesive that doesn’t stick to itself for simplified installation and removal.

AD DustedCrystal film
 Dusted Crystal Architectural film effectively controls light, privacy and visual distractions

Avery Dennison logoAvailable in 122cm (48") rolls, Avery Dennison's latest addition to its Architectural glass films - Dusted Crystal - enables the creation new, dynamic spaces for privacy or room flexibility. The Architectural decoration series:  Etchmark, Frosted Sparkle and now Dusted Crystal films, offer decorative and branding opportunities while providing privacy and still allowing light to pass through. These films are ideal for office spaces, reception areas, medical offices and hospitality partitions.

These films have a dimensionally stable liner for easy converting, are high finish with excellent conversion on CAD plotters, offer easy cutting & weeding with excellent UV, temperature, humidity, and salt-spray resistance.

Avery Dennison Dusted Crystal Architectural Window Film features a frosted effect that many who manage commercial spaces seek for controling light, privacy and visual distractions. It allows for privacy while still transmitting plenty of light. What Avery Denison claims that sets apart this new film is its breakthrough ease of use. Its wet apply quick-release clean adhesive allows the film to be repositioned during installation, or removed easily after drying while leaving virtually no residue on the glass. Also, the adhesive doesn’t permanently stick to itself, potentially saving the installer a lot of time and hassle when removing the film from its liner.

“Dusted Crystal allows for ultimate design flexibility,” says Cassandra Yu, US Product/Segment Manager, Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions. “We know
many business owners are adopting
a hybrid model, in which their spaces need to be flexible based on who is in the office. The quick-release adhesive
allows the film to be taken down quickly
if there's no longer a need for it."

She continues: “The new film also addresses many companies’ recognition of the need to elevate their workplace environment for comfort, health, and
wellness. The design flexibility helps
companies create a more appealing space and make better use of natural light, while still enabling the privacy that
may be desired.”

Avery Dennison SC900 Decorative Window films are specialty cast vinyl film that provide the look of real etched glass at a fraction of the cost by eliminating the need for sandblasting. For use on architectural doors, windows and other flat applications. The dusted crystal is available in both Luster and Matte finishes and can be cut with both roll and flatbed sign cutters.




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