Fujifilm Data Management Solutions, a  subsidiary of Fujifilm Business Innovation (formerly Fuji Xerox) has acquired Melbourne-based digital messaging services provider Smart Messaging Services, trading as Intelli Messaging. 

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Smart Messaging will become wholly owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Data Management Solutions. “The addition of cloud-based digital messaging technology helps empower Fujifilm Data Management Solutions clients’ customer communications,” Fujifilm said in a statement:

“Smart Messaging Services, trading as Intelli Messaging, offers business messaging services and other marketing services in Australia and New Zealand on behalf of over 150 clients. It enables these clients to send Short Message Services (SMS) via its cloud-based, digital messaging platform and can send and receive SMS in approximately 170 countries. Intelli Messaging is one of the few SMS gateway providers which offers easy functionality for customers to respond to the outgoing SMS message.

“Research shows, compared to email and mail, SMS is 94 percent more likely to be opened by recipients, improving communication, and increasing efficiency and customer engagement. Many companies are increasingly utilising SMS for essential communications, including the billing process. As face-to-face communications decline due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the average annual growth rate of the SMS market is expected to be 24.1 percent by 2031.”

PeterHumphries 230
 'Excited by new opportunities':
      Peter Humphries, CEO
   Smart Messaging Services

CEO Smart Messaging Services CEO Peter Humphries said: “With the global clout of Fujifilm behind us, we’re excited by the new opportunities to deliver even more value and enhanced customer outcomes to our client base and that of Fujifilm DMS.

“While we may have been acquired by Fujifilm DMS, the Intelli brand, people, culture, focus on industry leading customer support and cutting edge messaging solutions, remains intact. 

"To all our past, current and future customers, I thank you for being part of the ‘Intelli’ journey thus far.  I look forward to working with you all and introducing more value enhancing product innovation in the future.”

Intelli has been in the application-to-phone messaging market since its inception in 1999 and is a leader in both the Australian and New Zealand SMS carrier markets, with a range of corporate and government clients.

Fujifilm said the acquisition adds these capabilities to Fujifilm DMS: “Strengthens its existing digital information services through the multi-channel platform; offers SMS distribution services to a wider range of customers through Fujifilm Data Management Solutions’ sales channels; extends the product and service offering, providing a cloud-based platform that includes two-way SMS and email to SMS.

“Fujifilm Business Innovation and Fujifilm Data Management Solutions will combine cloud technology with the expertise cultivated in business process outsourcing services to redefine customers’ business processes through BPaaS (business process as a service) and offer powerful support to enable them to pursue further business innovation.”

Smart Messaging Services will be renamed Fujifilm Secure Messaging Services Pty Ltd upon the completion of necessary registration processes.

Fujifilm DMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Business Innovation Asia Pacific (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fujifilm Business Innovation Corp.) and has been operating in Australia for over 35 years.

The company is exhibiting its Graphics technologies this week at PacPrint on stand G14.



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